!! OMG, WATCH: With Dumpster Queens, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! !!

Queer comediennes Michael Henry, Pete Zias and Michael Lucid team up to teach us about being DUMPSTER QUEENS above!

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4 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: With Dumpster Queens, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!"

  1. Pete Zias is king!! V funny

  2. Impossible for anyone/anything to be less helpful to the gay community, intelligence, or comedy in general, than this skit. This is “pro-gay” the way the Kardashians are “pro-feminism”. Nope!

    • Wow, you must be fun at parties.

    • As a gay man, I find all of these Dumpster Queen skits to be hilarious! I’m not sure what “pro-gay” is, but I damn well know what comedy is, and the Dumpster Queens are pure comedy. A shame you can’t see the humor and cutting wit in this, Thom.

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