!! Dutch perverts form political party !!

Pedophiles and dog-f*ckers unite! There will soon come a day when there is no age of consent, people will walk naked in the street, child porn is legal, and sex with animals is legal so long as they enjoy it! Plus free train travel!
How can you beat that platform? It’s what the Naastenliefde, Vrijheid & Diversiteit (Charity, Freedom, Diversity) Party in the Netherlands is hoping will get them some seats in Parliament. (via SistersTalk) I think they will succeed if everyone in the NVD is as nice-looking as this Party representative:
I couldn’t read their website because it’s in Dutch, but if any of you care to translate, please leave a comment or send an email.

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2 Comments on "Dutch perverts form political party"

  1. This is just sick.There is no need to translate this website,because all of the content is just f*cking stupid.This organization has its roots in http://www.martijn.org/.
    We often tried to get this site offline by dDossing.’Een neqschot voor jou en ongezien de tiefus’ as we say in Holland.

  2. Wow no wonder dude only wants to hit the kiddies, no grown peep would be willing to touch him with the f*cked up grill he’s got going on.

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