!! Elizabeth Edwards shoots straight !!

Elizabeth Edwards gave a charmingly straightforward interview with Salon, in which she tackles gay marriage:

I remember hearing [former GOP Sen. Rick] Santorum ranting about how homosexual marriage threatens heterosexual marriage. I could be wrong, but I think heterosexual marriage is threatened more by heterosexuals. I don’t know why gay marriage challenges my marriage in any way.

Plus Ann Coulter, healthcare reform, why John Edwards is the best candidate for women, and more.
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9 Comments on "Elizabeth Edwards shoots straight"

  1. You know, it seems like the gay community is down on Hillary because she’ll “sell us out.” What we need to remember in the gay community is that social change does not happen overnight. You know, everyone was upset with Bill over “don’t ask, don’t tell”, but it was the right policy at the time. It gave a foothold to gay Americans that wanted to serve. Now, even the military is saying that the ban on gays serving is wrong. They would not have done that without the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. In terms of gay marriage, we are asking too much too fast. If we push for recognition of civil unions, then it will be easier to win marriage rights. Hillary is the best candidate for getting civil unions. What we need to do in the gay rights community is take smaller steps. The moral to the story of the Tortoise and the Hare is true — slow and steady win the race. Obama isn’t ready yet for the presidency. Have him serve another term or two in the Senate or as VP and then he will be ready. If the Dems want to stand a chance, the only person who polls well against the Republicans in the field is Hillary Clinton.

  2. How despicable of him to put his wife out there to “appear” pro-gay when he is not. Reminds me of when Bill Clinton had Christian radio ads airing about his support of the DOMA, in an attempt to appear LESS pro-gay and score hims sum bigot votes!

  3. To Brandon:
    Yes, I am aware of that statemnent by Obama, and I STILL trust him more than Hillary Clinton or John Edwards by a mile!
    Mind you, that’s only if it comes down to those three. I still have a Kucinich bumper sticker on my car. 🙂

  4. “Of the three frontrunners, Obama is the least likely to sell us out (so far).”
    Not true. Obama has expressed his religious upbringing makes it difficult for him to support gay marriage. This from someone who says he is an avowed proponent of the separation of the church and the state.
    Maybe Elizabeth Edwards should run for office instead. At the very least, someone should tap her as his/her vice-presidential running mate.

  5. God, I love her!

  6. She is so awesome.

  7. This lady is so freaking cool, and just gets cooler by the moment.
    She makes Rick Santorum look like such a weasal.
    Jack Jett

  8. Hmmmm, too bad SHE’S not running for U.S. president instead of John.
    Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson are the only two candidates who have our backs 100%.
    Of the three frontrunners, Obama is the least likely to sell us out (so far).
    Those are the facts.

  9. This doesn’t change the fact that her husband is a big homophobe. He’s the one running for office not her. He’s too pretty, pretty straight men are always afraid of being called gay.

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