!! Eric Balfour is not modest !!

Eric Balfour Naked Lie With Me
I still haven’t seen Lie With Me, that “controversial” new movie starring the beautiful Eric Balfour (aka Claire’s asshole boyfriend in Six Feet Under), but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Mr. Balfour’s role in it, which includes lots of cockshots.

Well today is your lucky day, because you don’t have to see the whole movie either. Watch every single cockshot in the movie after the jump, one of which shows his boner clenched in the fist of some slut. These videos are obviously not safe for work.

UPDATE: Veoh has cleaned up its act and the videos are unfortunately not longer available. See some sexy stills after the jump.
UPDATE II: The clips are back on Xtube! Watch one after the jump.

Watch two more clips here.
Eric Balfour Naked Lie With Me
Eric Balfour Naked Lie With Me
Eric Balfour Naked Lie With Me
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21 Comments on "Eric Balfour is not modest"

  1. Hey I just wanna say I’m in love with Eric Balfour and his sexy ass, I would do anything just to meet him just once.

  2. His cock is just the right size. 🙂

  3. eric balfour is one of the hottest guys to ever walk this earth…in my humble and hard opinion..

  4. Mrs Patrick Campbell | February 6, 2009 at 4:55 am | Reply

    Our tongue is hard!!!!!!!!

  5. he has some nice balls.
    and that ass is stellar.

  6. he’s hot and his dick konda looks like mine but jes not small i saw the movie hes acerage id fuck him and i know u all would too fellas

  7. Extremely hot in all ways except for his small cock.

  8. hey pls post where can i download the clips…

  9. I guess no one remembers him as one of the computer geeks in the first season of “21”

  10. you might also want to check out these deleted scenes…

  11. I have seen the movie i bought it from amazom.com the movie is ok but eric is great nice ass nice dick i would love to get in the sheets with him

  12. zaiwanowen65hh | October 23, 2006 at 5:15 am | Reply

    could you please send me the video.
    i found it many twice but i didn’t download it….please help me

  13. he used to be in a hyndai (sp?) commercial where he played the devil. thats where him and i first fell in love.
    ridiculously, unlawfully, uncontrolably hawt is what he is.

  14. could you please send me the video… please…pretty please…Thanks

  15. the video doesn’t work

  16. Eric is hot. He was ok in Six Feet, got hotter in The OC, where his entry shot was in a wet towel, just out of the shower, and here he looks incredible. Does anyone know any free galleries or videos where I can find any other of the OC guys displaying either their dicks or their buns?

  17. um, yes, thank you – very much. congrats to Eric for pursuing the arts, sharing his sexiness, and nakedness. Yes yes.

  18. the movie doesnt work, i can u email me the video?? thanks

  19. Hot body, not much of a face, dick didn’t look too impressive either. Nice to see one in film, though.

  20. Does anyone else remember Eric from a Jack in the Box commercial? That’s where I first saw him, and it thought he was sexy even then.

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