!! OMG, ‘Every Single Word’ highlights the severe lack of dialogue for people of color in classic films !!

Actor and playwright, Dylan Marron has just reintroduced a video series he produced a few years ago called Every Little Word. The series runs through major films and film franchises of our time, pointing how many of the films, most which are 2 hours or more long, only feature seconds of dialogue from people of color. Check out two more examples below. Really puts things into perspective!

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4 Comments on "OMG, ‘Every Single Word’ highlights the severe lack of dialogue for people of color in classic films"

  1. Casting a historical european story such as “the great” while predominately fictional but set in 19th century russia (which was pretty much white at the time) has forced diversity placed on it i.e black and south asian characters playing historical figures who were undeniably white. Diversify a black or asian story and its white washing. Im all for diversity when it fits the story for contempory or complete fictional stories but dont play double standards with historical shows or movies that are meant to reflect and potray that society as it was at the time.

  2. Yes, there should be vast amounts of more diversity, but also yes, this project is stupid af.
    “Gone with the wind” had a black character with more lines, but was incredibly racist. The number of lines is perhaps not as important as how the character is portrayed? Regardless, vote with your dollars!

  3. Alright, now do it with Black Panther, Moonlight, bad Boyz movies, Girls Trip, Madea movies, Straight Outta Compton, etc. I agree there should be more diversity, but this project is stupid af. If a character ain’t a main character, then of course they’re not going to have much dialogue

    • This comment is just as ignorant. You’re just naming black films from the past five years or so which still isn’t enough. It’s also highlighting CASTING. As someone who works in Hollywood, Im glad this kind of stuff is being brought up.

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