!! OMG why not wear it? Face adornment by Carina Shoshtary & Bold Studio !!

Face jewelry by Bold Studio

Face jewelry by Bold Studio

We’re about to swoop into another year, and perhaps you’re thinking it’s time for a li’l look update? Resolutions may not be your thing, but there’s always room for improvement when it comes to refining—or redefining—your aesthetic.

And so, for your consideration: Prague-based creative Markéta Kratochvílová makes a case for going fully OTT in 2023 with her elaborate face jewelry. Her brand, Bold Studio, is known for crafting adornment that meets you head-on.

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Bold Studios Face Jewelery

These handmade looks are fashioned from solid silver and elements like semi-precious stone beads, causing them radiate the kind of intergalactic elf energy many of us could use right now.

Kratochvílová also makes looks sans beads, for those times when a little more, uh, subtlety is called for.

If you’re finding these pieces are too unassuming, though, seek out of German designer Carina Shoshtary’s otherworldly masks instead.

Whether your preferred aura is woodland nymph-y or underworld-esque, Soshtary’s ostentatious oeuvre answers the question, “How can I appear more mysterious while having 100 per-cent eyes on me?”

Supporting role spirit is so 2022! It’s your time to shine and leave them wanting more.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Björk, a major fan of Soshtary’s entrancing work—and a person who doesn’t know the meaning of too much.

Given their organic silhouettes and craggy surfaces, it’s no wonder our Icelandic queen approves of these intriguing offerings.

Soshtary’s pieces can have sinister undertones, too. Her collaborative portfolio with photographer and makeup artist Ryan Burke provides all the inspo you need to arouse the mischievous self-assuredness required to rock such statement-making accessories.

If next year will usher in your villain era, go one step further and flesh out the character. Baddie is basic, mean girl is mid—day-glo sea demon, on the other hand, confirms you are the moment and more.

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4 Comments on "OMG why not wear it? Face adornment by Carina Shoshtary & Bold Studio"

  1. Wouldn’t be fun to get at all caught on something.

  2. How very “300” of her.

  3. I think it looks wonderful, on the man who took the decision to doodle all over his face.

  4. If you want to look like a giant tool then wear that ridiculousness, if not don’t.

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