!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ star Sam Worthington !!

Sam Worthington gay kiss in Under the Banner of Heaven

Sam Worthington and Wyatt Russell in Under the Banner of Heaven

Avatar: The Way Of Water is finally here thirteen years after the first Avatar became the highest-grossing movie of all time. You might want to see the film for director James Cameron’s eye-popping visuals alone (it’s crazy what $350 million can buy), or maybe you’re just here for franchise star Sam Worthington (aka Jake Sully).

Since naked Jake Sully isn’t on the table in Avatar: The Way Of Water (following his transformation), we’re delivering the next best thing with Sam Worthington’s previous hottest scenes—ones that many people don’t know about, featuring him playing gay and playing naked.

Check them out after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down for the GIFs, or watch every Sam Worthington scene right here.

Most recently, Sam stayed clothed by getting daddy-gay in the acclaimed true crime Andrew Garfield-led miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven. Sam puts the man back in the Mormon church by making out with a fellow hottie in his only gay scene to date:

Before that he showed off his sexy mug and bod in 2018’s The Titan:

And in 2015 he delivered his best nude scene to date. See Sam Worthington strip naked on the beach to go skinny dipping in the historical drama Deadline Gallipoli:

Sam Worthington naked in Deadline GallipoliJust look at those cheeks jiggle!

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ star Sam Worthington"

  1. I come here for Peen

  2. As a guy who’s more into asses (and chests) than dicks – at least as far as in photos, I’ll disagree that ass shots are not nudity. And as someone whose made catty remarks about some of the randos and MEH guys who regularly get featured here on OMG and have some queens fawn all over them, I feel bad for this actor since he at least had something of an actual career and I didn’t know he’d played even closet gay in Under the Banner – so brownie points for that. But it is a damn boring ass and the chest is nothing to write home about, but I guess click bait gotta click bait!

  3. well I like what I see but am wondering, can anyone tell me what the kissing scene in under the banner is all about? was joseph smith alleged to be gay or what?

  4. That’s a sweet ass

  5. Meh.

  6. Hello-

    the reason Hollywood rarely if ever gives us real dick is simple- for the vast majority of str8 men
    in the U.S. its wayyyyyyyyyy to gay a thought to even admit another guy has genitals.

  7. how can you say “naked”??? He’s showing his butt

  8. Even his nudes are boring.

  9. Let’s stop pretending that showing your ass or prosthetic penis is enough to be considered nudity! Give us real dick, Hollywood!

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