!! OMG, Frankie Grande got married at Disneyland with Star Wars-theme wedding !!

A pixie has gained its king at the Magic Kingdom! Ariana’s big bro, Frankie Grande, tied the knot at a Star Wars-theme cermony at Disneyland this week. Sorry, ladies – he’s off the market! Frankei shared the special moment on Instagram stating:

‼️Introducing Mr. & Mr. Grande‼️❤️‍♂️ Yup! We’re MARRIED! Surprise! Hale and I were married at a small intimate galactic ceremony in my family home in Florida on May the 4th be with you, cause we really are both that nerdy. ✨It was the most beautiful ceremony, officiated by my incredible mother, and it brought us even closer together as we took our vows before our immediate families and before God! Special thank you to Dolce & Gabbana for dressing us in these one of a kind tuxedos! We adore them! We then followed our wedding with a joint bachelor party weekend of games with some friends and family and are currently on our mini-moon before I have to head to rehearsal for my upcoming show Titanique. And this is only the beginning of the celebrations as we are having a Wedding Ball with all our friends in the upcoming months! I can’t wait to share all of these amazing stories, pics and videos with you all slowly as we get them, but for now, let me just say I am the happiest I’ve ever been… I’m married to the man of my dreams, our families have merged together so beautifully, and we are well on our way to happily ever after. I love you Hale Grande. I am so so honored to be your husband.

Find more pics from the big day after the jump!


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10 Comments on "OMG, Frankie Grande got married at Disneyland with Star Wars-theme wedding"

  1. Can’t stand Areola’s rat face brother. Just go away

  2. James Groves | May 12, 2022 at 2:47 pm | Reply

    They are both bottoms, where are they going to get a top??? He is so unreal, and he is riding on his sisters fame.

  3. Call me catty but I can’t with him. Give it six months max and he will be posting about some new throuple he’s involved in or some married man that he’s gotten as a sugar daddy. Is anything with him genuine anymore or is it all about keeping his 15 minutes afloat?

  4. Good for them, but girl his hair is hideous!!! LOL!!!!

  5. Shell shell | May 11, 2022 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    “Sorry ladies – he’s off the market!” – when was he ever on the market? He’s super gay. Kind of a dumb comment. :-/

  6. A small intimate galactic ceremony.
    Officiated by my incredible mother, before God!
    Dolce & Gabbana tuxedos! We adore them!
    Followed by a joint bachelor party and a mini-moon.

  7. I met him (in a grocery store of all places) in my hometown when he was traveling with a show he was doing, and he was genuinely a nice guy. However, he couldn’t help but mention his sister which told me he knows where the real fame in the family is.

  8. Barf Barf Barf. She is so gross.

  9. He is so gross. The epitome of an attention whore.

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