!! OMG Stars: Full Moon in Leo, January 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtFull Moon in Leo, January 28th, 2021

The January full moon in Leo draws our attention to the Leo-Aquarius opposition, while the sun in the sign of the water bearer opposes the moon in the sign of the lion.

Astrological oppositions fascinate me. They’ve taught me that opposites are not necessarily things that are diametrically opposed to each other, but rather concepts that are linked through their difference: up and down are related through direction, light and dark are related through lamination, and Leo and Aquarius are related through groups. Aquarius looks at the groups, wants to understand the groups, but knows itself to be fundamentally outside of it: Leo looks at the group and wants to bring a part of itself forward for recognition. Both Leo and Aquarius teach us that relating to a group means engaging with our individuality.

At the moment, we are in a whole heap of Aquarius energy, about to be even stronger when Venus joins the sign on February 1st. Jupiter and Saturn are there, Mercury too, now preparing to station retrograde, and the Sun as it’s passing through Aquarius season. A total of four planets plus the sun sitting in this freedom and knowledge-loving fixed air sign.

Full Moon in Leo Horoscopes, January 2021When four or more planets are close together in one sign like this it’s called a stellium. They signify exactly what they look and sound like like – a large focus on the energy of one sign. We’ve had a significant focus on this energy since Jupiter and Saturn shifted to Aquarius in December, where they will stay together for the majority of this year – but this February calls an extra level of attention.

So with this full moon highlighting the relationship between Aquarius and its opposite sign of Leo, I encourage you to think of individuality and creativity. To seek knowledge from the groups you are a part of, and to share a part of yourself with them.

Find both your Aquarian side and your Leonine one and see how they relate. It’s one of the more fun oppositions in the Zodiac, and we sure need every opportunity for fun we can find these days!

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A full moon in another fire sign is kind of the encouragement an Aries never really needs but will always go for. I should amend that – not all Aries are adventurous and risky, but the archetype of your sign certainly is. This full moon supports your adventurous side, while the stellium in Aquarius fist-bumps your love of self-determination. Whether you’re a prototypical Aries or on the shy side of the sign, use this full moon to feel affirmed in your pursuit of autonomy.

Aries rising readers have this full moon in your 5th house of creativity, and the Aquarius stellium in your 11th house of community. This draws attention to the relationship between expressing yourself and bringing those expressions to your friends. Aries rising, I encourage you to lean into your own Leonine side and bring something forward to your community that expresses something you need to get out. Perhaps it’s something you need to seek closure around, whether major or mundane.

Finding a creative way to seek that closure will be particularly available with this full moon, so I encourage you to take advantage of it.


Taurus, your bunch have some hard astrology coming at you this year, with this Aquarius stellium all in a potential square to your Taurus placements, and Uranus and Mars in your sign still messing with your cozy life. The constancy of change, too, though, becomes a constancy, and one I encourage you to seek comfort in.

Taurus rising readers have this full moon in your 4th house of home, and the Aquarius stellium in your 10th house of career, so although it might be that you’re encountering stressful energy, the amount of Aquarian energy in your chart could be really firing you up at work. It’s a tricky thing for Taurus rising readers, that although you love yourself some consistency, that when it comes to work you tend to really seek a lot of change. So while this astrology is not textbook-good astrology for Taureans, I think it can also describe that sometimes a bit of tension is the thing that best leads to growth.

Allow your creative side to come out into the workplace in order to illuminate how much energy you might have for your work right now, Taurus, and feel pride in the beautiful home you keep for yourself.


As the pile-up in Aquarius happens, lucky you, Gemini, get some support to your Gemini placements from the huge crowd hanging out in the sign of the water bearer. Signs of the same element support each other, can act as close friends, so all the planetary action in Aquarius can be supportive to Gemini folks, particularly if you have more than one placement in the sign of the twins.

Gemini rising readers have this full moon in your 3rd house of communication, and the Aquarius stellium in your 9th house of expansion. All the Aquarius action in your 9th house this year will mean that a major theme of 2021 for Gemini rising readers will be growth. This year will encourage engagement with things and places that help you expand, whether that be school, travel (deities willing), learning a language, or just trying something you’ve always been afraid of. This full moon in your 3rd house prepares you to keep your own voice about you as you enter those spaces. Learning and growth require humility and listening, but don’t get that confused with meekness and silence.

As you think about how you want to grow this year, use this full moon to remember that you also want to grow your own voice, your own expression, and your own creative vision. Gemini folks of all placement can be so curious and sociable, I hope you take the lessons of this year to keep developing your weird and witty self.


I’m happy for you, Cancer, that this huge thrum of astrological activity is in signs not typically as harsh as others. We’ve been in some tough astrology these days, and in another sign I might say a full moon opposing a stellium (as we have right now) would be extremely emotional, but in Aquarius and Leo it could be a little less harsh. Aquarius and Leo aren’t signs that Cancer has much to talk about with – both concerned with creativity and groups, where you, Cancer, are concerned with care and nurturing – so use this energy to think about the care that you personally bring to groups, the way you can hold other space and energy for your friends so that they know they have you on their side.

Cancer rising readers have this full moon in their 2nd house of resources and the Aquarius stellium in your 8th house. This lunation draws on the relationship between your own stuff and other people’s stuff. From a mundane standpoint I might say this is a great full moon to wrap up a project you received funding for (get that final report in!) or to do your taxes – from an emotional one, I encourage you to really examine the way you hold onto pain for other people. You might notice that you’ve been dissociating your way through a lot of shit for other peoples’ benefit, Cancer rising.

That in and of itself isn’t bad, but I encourage you to spend some time with your own physical possessions, your own home, your own bed, to remind yourself that you are in charge of your own life, and to help you let go of some of that weight you’ve been carrying.


Happy full moon in your sign, Leo. Whether Leo Sun, Moon, or Rising, this full moon is a chance to bring to light your creative, generous, and expressive side, and to show that side of yourself to those you care about. Take advantage of this moment, Leo, and take stock of the way you’ve built up your lie and your identity since the new moon in your sign last August. What has changed? What needs to change? This beautiful full moon, under which I am now sitting as I write this, is here reminding us all of Leo days and giving us hope for some warm August weather.

Leo rising readers have this moon in your 1st house of identity and the Aquarius stellium in your 7th house of partnership. As you take stock of how you have changed since last summer, ask your closest people for validation or affirmation as you need it. They see the weirdest side of you, the part of you that wants to escape when things are hard, but they also see your generosity and your creative vision.

Seek from them the reflection of your best self so you can continue bringing it to all of us.


Aquarius and Leo are signs that Virgo doesn’t always know what to do with – the archetype of Virgo seeks organization and detail, and Aquarius and Leo are always on about the big picture. Here, Virgo, is where I share an admission with you that I promise is relevant: I’ve never been able to do a magic eye. I tried recently and was dismayed to note I just still can’t do it. Something about unfocusing in order to see a hidden big picture just doesn’t work for me.

I always am overwhelmed in seeing the pretty little details of the magic eye itself and how they form a whole other picture. Virgo, I encourage you to approach this lunation thinking about the details of a magic eye.

Virgo rising readers have this full moon in your 12th house of dreams, and the Aquarius stellium in your 6th house of daily life. The 6th house is Virgo territory! This lunation can show that by shedding some light onto your daily life via your dreams, you can find the kind of understanding and knowledge you seek in your everyday world.

Move into your days knowing that seeing the tiny details others glaze over in the name of a bigger picture is your gift.


Lucky Libras, you air signs get some support from the pileup in Aquarius happening now and into February. Placements in the same element love each other and can offer a special assistance, so this major Aquarius action can be a little nod of support for you, especially if you have multiple placements in Libra. Libra rising readers have this full moon in your 11th house of community and the Aquarius stellium in your 5th house of creativity. This naturally highlights the relationship between these signs and houses, who are all astrologically related.

You, Libra rising, bring your most creative and expressive self forward to groups, and your weirdest, most innovative side to your creative practice. This moon calls attention to that, and asks you to perhaps blend the two. You might be experiencing some closure in your social circle, potentially related to issues that began around the new moon in Leo last August.

Any summer drama might be finally wrapped up now, and even if it isn’t, I encourage you to find a way to creatively express any feelings you’ve been carrying about your friends since last summer. Illuminate this side of yourself by calling on your inner weirdo, Libra, and bring it to the people around you.


Scorpio is one of the signs at odds with a lot of this year’s tough astrology, but as always for you bunch, I say that if anyone can take it you can. An interesting trend I have noticed is that many people with Scorpio on the rising sign (which describes our birth) experienced birth trauma – emergency c-sections, being very early, born underweight, I’ve heard many versions of this.

But Scorpio is a sign so able to show us that trauma transforms: that our fear passes over us and we remain in its wake. So if the mega fixed-sign action in Taurus and Aquarius (and now this full moon in Leo) are bringing some stress into your life, keep in mind that Scorpio is the side of the zodiac always there to teach us that we transform.

Scorpio rising readers have this full moon in your 10th house of career where it opposes the Aquarius stellium in your 4th house of home. Home and family will be a big thematic for you in 2021, and this full moon shows you that through creative expression in your work or practice, you can find a way to express what you are going through, whether it is challenging or peaceful.


This current astrology is nice for the Sagittarian folk, as Aquarius and Leo are two signs that support the sign of the archer: Aquarius and Sagittarius form a relationship called a sextile, which I can best translate as “solid buds”, and Leo and Sag both being fire signs mean they have lots to talk about and, uh, set on fire.

Sagittarius rising readers have this full moon in your 9th house of expansion and the Aquarius stellium in your 3rd house of communication. A big thematic of 2021 will be the way you communicate and about what, so this full moon in your ruling house reminds you that when you need to look in, the best way for a Sag person to do that is to start by looking out.

Seek learning outside of yourself, and creative ways to expand your sense of self. As the year progresses I think we’ll many of us look to this full moon as one small moment among many that set off some action for the year, so I encourage you, Sagittarius readers, to take what you can in it and learn so that you can best communicate and commit to your own needs.


While Pluto and Venus chill together in your sign, I suspect that Capricorn folk are getting a nice little reprieve of comfort after last year’s brutality. Lean into the comfort in a routine, in a structure, the comfort of being able to understand everything in your sight, Capricorn, while you enjoy the last few days of Venus in your sign.

Capricorn rising readers have this full moon in your 8th house of transformation, and the Aquarius pileup in your 2nd house of resources. A major thematic of 2021 is going to have to do with your *stuff*, your objects, your money, your food, your energy. This full moon opposing all that *stuff* asks you to se that that’s all it is: it’s just stuff. If you have any stress (or luck – Jupiter and Saturn together can be like that) around money, think back to this full moon as you take stock of all in your life that brings you value beyond the tangible.

The energy your friends bring you; the love from people in your life; memories that sustain you. Remember the warmth of Leo season that this full moon can recall and bring that to your life.


So obviously this moment is a big one for Aquarians – in typical of Aquariuan fashion my DMs are full of many of you asking  “what does this mean??” – your lot want knowledge and meaning. Without a deep dive into someone’s chart, I can’t particularly tell you what it means. But on a general level, I can say that people sign significant Aquarius placement – whether sun, moon, or rising – will have an opportunity to really get to know that side of themselves. With the full moon opposite the sign, it’s a good time for culminations and for wrapping up.

What in your identity needs affirming but also needs closure? Aquarius rising readers have this full moon in your 7th house of partnership, highlighting the way that your one-on-one relationships can shed light on who you are and who you want to be. Look to your closest people as you think about the kind of person you want to be in 2021, and reflect back to the world the expressive, generous, and creative person they know you to be.


Every horoscope I feel it necessary to check in with Pisceans – the world is so tough right now! How are you? Thankfully, none of this current astrology is in a particularly hard aspect to Pisces, so at least for your Pisces planets you get a break.

Pisces rising readers though have this Aquarius stellium in your 12th house of dreams and confusion, so you might be feeling even more in-the-clouds than usual. The full moon in Leo is in your 6th house of day to day life, drawing attention to the relationship between your dreams and your reality. While your dreams may be foggy and wild these days, use the reliability of each and every day to find a way to ground it in reality. If you’re confused and can’t follow chains of thought, try to use creativity to work through that confusion.

Be honest about where you’re at, and if you’re super fatigued by this energy, remember that one of the great lessons of this moment is to allow ourselves all a bit more rest than we used to. Lead the way, Pisces.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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