!! OMG, what are they: Meet the GABBAGOOBLINS !!

You’ve heard of the Teletubbies, but have you heard of the GABBAGOOBLINS?

They’re like the parallel-universe Teletubbies from your sunniest nightmare—because Teletubbies weren’t creepy enough to begin with.

Check out a clip of GABBAGOOBLINS, a series by film-maker Joe-Cappa, after the jump.



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1 Comment on "OMG, what are they: Meet the GABBAGOOBLINS"

  1. But I HAVE heard of “Gabbagoo”! Martin Short, in character, on SCTV. The last scene on their riotous spoof of “The Towering Inferno”, when they launch the nuclear reactor (with the revolving restaurant on top!) from the top of the burning SCTV headquarters, the reactor comes down in the Sea of Japan when Short inside the restaurant. The sea starts to bubble, and Short pops up, ala Godzilla, and asks the screaming islanders “Hey? Anyone know where I can get some Gabbago?”


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