!! OMG, the voice of their generation: Gal Palz !!

The Y2K aesthetic has thoroughly permeated our visual media from fashion to meme culture and net art. Do you remember the Glitter Graphics dolls that were plastered all over MySpace, MSN, Piczo, etc. back in the day?

The dolls came in a wide variety of cute, sexy, fun and fabulous looks: punks, ravers, nurses, maids, salsa dancers, angels, devils, bikers, nerds, mermaids, cowgirls, goth girls. You could find a look for any archetype. In all of their 8-bits, the dolls embodied sass, poise, and exaggerated femininity.

Comedians Joe Castle Baker and Max Wittert have brought the dolls to life in a deliciously chaotic animated YouTube show and with culturally relevant memes that commemorate these iconic bits from a simpler time through the most modern art of mememaking (find them on Instagram @gal__palz).

Is it entertainment or net art? Why not both? Watch all the episodes of Gal Palz after the jump!

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