12 Comments on "OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Tyler Posey in his new film ‘Alone’"

  1. Random tattoo’s in different styles without any cohesive plan always looks shit. The one’s on his torso look poorly done too..inconsistent line thickness and ink bleed, you’d think someone with a networth of $7mil would fork out a little bit more for a tattooist with talent rather than one that looks like they they have the limited tattoo’ing skills of someone that fronts a drug cleaning business.

    He’s grown into his face though, his face is more attractive than when he was younger but those tattoo’s are so sloppy.

  2. Those are among the ugliest tats to be seen. Cute butt however.

  3. Tyler can still get it

  4. He can still get it

  5. Gordon Harris | October 8, 2020 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    Tyler Posey has a really nice butt. So…

  6. Tell him to put on clothes and hide those ugly tattoos, he is gross!!!!

  7. Is this a movie; or is it his only-fans promotion? It’s gotten so that the boundaries are blurred.

  8. I hope he shows that meaty fat cock again! That was so hawt!! Love this wolfman

  9. I was hoping for a nicer butt

  10. Hello-

    I am convinced now more than ever that the ready availability of the various
    platforms of social media has turned naturally inclined 20something hotties
    into raging exhibitionists. case in point Posey’s new OnlyFnas page. I assume
    the pic at top where he’s pulling down his pants was done for his OnlyFans
    pahe. hey even the extra luscious Austin Mahone has an OnlyFans page. one of
    his first pics has him pulling down his pants so you see his nicely trimmed

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