!! Gay Bloggies FINAL THREE Reminder !!

Sorry to be a nuisance, but the semi-final round of the Gay Bloggies is almost over, and making it is the difference between $100 and $1000 in prize money, so I for sure want to get past this round into the Final Two!
Please go give my News Years Resolution the “thumbs up” if you haven’t already.
And I know it might seem distasteful, but the competition necessitates some negative voting at this point. So if you can spare two more seconds, I would really appreciate it if you would THUMBS DOWN Fausto and THUMBS DOWN Craig. They’re my competition, and voting them down takes away their votes. It’s like getting to vote three times!
Thanks again for all your support through this longest-contest-ever. It’s over in a few days, but these are the most important rounds as the competition is at its most fierce!
So please stick with me and remember, if I win the competition I will be giving away fourteen 1-year porn subscriptions (Sean Cody, You Love Jack, Randy Blue, etc.) to you all because that’s how much I appreciate you!
One final way you can help is to spread the word about the Gay Bloggies contest to all your Facebook friends, real-life friends, Manhunt friends, whatever. Just remember, “Thumbs up for Frank, thumbs down for the rest.”
See you all on Monday! xo Frank

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9 Comments on "Gay Bloggies FINAL THREE Reminder"

  1. not a classy way to win, frank. I’m disappointed in you, man.

  2. Since I’ve been following this blog for over a year now and think it is absolutely great, I hae been voting on the bloggies from the start as well.
    Go go Frank!

  3. you have my vote once again…

  4. well, maybe if you posted more good stuff, people would vote

  5. Come on everyone! Vote 1 for Frank and then vote -1 for the others haha Seriously, the smurf *yawn* and the omgwhatdoyoucallit *double yawn* atleast Frank is original, nobody’s blog gets your exclaiming *OMG* more than this one!

  6. So let it be written,so let it be done.Any excuse to use a quote fron The Ten Commandments…Not enought to just vote for Frank,we all gotta vote against the others because that’s exactly what their voters are doing to Frank.Final 3 baby!How can you lose against someone still living at home with his mommy?!

  7. congrats on making it this far

  8. I hope you win Frank!!! 😀
    Looking foward to those porn memberships ;D haha

  9. Go Frank!
    I’ve voted for you at every step and now I voted the others down. Muaahahaha. Awesome blog and one I return to regularly.

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