!! OMG, his crack: Ashton Kutcher !!

Ashton Kutcher is notoriously timid about showing his boy parts to the cameras, so it takes a paparazzo to catch even a tiny glimpse of his shapely butt. These shots were taken on-set in Vancouver, BC, and are the first we’ve seen of Ashton’s real-life crack, since, as you’ll recall, the crack was blurred out of those “nude butt” photos (link NSFW) on The Tonight Show last year.

I know, it seems like crumbs, but it’s a start! It’s the first of many great things to come! See the semi-NSFW photo after the jump.

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to C for the photos!)

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6 Comments on "OMG, his crack: Ashton Kutcher"

  1. Love him, love his butt, love him shirtless, he’s sooo hot!

  2. Thank you for this photo very hot!

  3. When he was on SNL he came out in his underwear and there was a lot of VPL…. probably should get those pictures up too

  4. hmm, he is H O T T HOTT 😛

  5. You deserve to win. Always an entertaining blog with pictures and videos I would have missed if it weren’t for you. You put alot of work into it and it shows. The Kutcher post made me go to the site and vote for you.

  6. is that ellen pomeo in the 2nd picture?

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