!! George Clooney was a sexy teenager !!

young George Clooney
Is it wrong that I was so excited to find these high school photos of George Clooney? Should I regret wishing that he could have been my date to the prom? Is it gross that I wish we could have been on the track team together?
You won’t judge me once you see the two dreamy photos after the jump.

young George Clooney prom
young George Clooney track sexy
(Images from Clooney Network via ONTD)

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3 Comments on "George Clooney was a sexy teenager"

  1. OMG, how dreamy: Barack Obama at 18

    (Image Source via Feyfriends) Continuing my tradition of posting high school year photos of attractive men in the spotlight (see George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Tom Cruise), I present to you “Barry” Obama, who evidently enjoyed polyester, basketball…

  2. Wentworth Miller was a sexy teenager

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  3. Yes, you should regret it, because he looks exactly like Jeremy’s brother.

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