!! The Biggest Loser is hot and engaged !!

Matt and Suzy Biggest Loser
Getting thin together is evidently a great way to bond, especially when you’re doing it on television. Matt, the Season 2 winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, proposed to Suzy, his fellow contestant, on the Today show the other day and she said yes, which is very romantic.
At the beginning of their season together, Matt was a humongous blob of fat and Suzy had the largest ass I had ever seen. Now they both look great and even got to make cameo appearances on the daytime soap opera Passions, which has suffered since the death of Timmy, the strange midget character.
Now that they have made almost the entire NBC circuit, perhaps they will jump ship to CBS and compete on The Amazing Race a la Rob and Amber. But first they should run over to Bravo! and have Carson Kressley help them pick out new thin-people clothes ASAP. That spandex does nothing for anyone, Suzy, except maybe Yolanda.

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  1. OMG! That is so awesome!!

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