!! OMG, no more ads: A better way to browse OMG.BLOG !!

Do you remember a time before Internet advertisements? Neither do we.

Banners, sliders, pop-ups, advertorials… The income they generate has allowed us to pay our writers, rent server space, and bring you innovative content like our original Q&A series, the Twink Rage Revue webcomic, the OMG Meme series, and the new OMG Stars astrology column.

Plus, that money has brought you all the LOLs, gossip, and Candy you love every weekday.

While ad revenue has kept our lights on since 2003, rates have declined even as the ads themselves have become more invasive.

We believe the future of independent publishing — especially for Queer publications like OMG.BLOG — lies in direct reader support, which is why we’re offering an ad-free version of our site for just $3/month.

For less than the cost of a coffee or a single subway ride, you can help ensure that OMG.BLOG continues to operate for years to come.

Register now and get these benefits:

» Browse the site without advertisements! No distractions, super-fast load-times: experience OMG.BLOG like the VIP that you are.

» Instant comment approval! We value your voice and want to encourage active conversations in our comment sections free of moderation. This is not an invitation to troll, however, and our commenting rules are in effect.

» A limited edition OMG.BLOG button (pictured above)!

In addition to these, you can feel good knowing your support is a reliable source of income for OMG.BLOG during a time when ad revenues are in a serious state of flux due to the pandemic’s effect on local businesses.

Register now and be part of our bright future!

If you’re already subscribed, thank you! Please contract [email protected] if you have any sign-in issues or other questions.

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12 Comments on "OMG, no more ads: A better way to browse OMG.BLOG"

  1. I’m seeing ads yet I joined this no ad thing a month ago.

  2. I joined today and came here twice and I am still getting ads,not as many but ad free should mean not one ad,not less ads .

  3. Whilst I plan on going ad free I got to say it seems like there are more annoying ads coming faster and more endlessly than before. Well played.

  4. Hello! I registered the first time this was posted but I still gets ads. 🙁

  5. I love it that you have become a verified Brave Creator. I wish you had a way for Brave users (who are tipping with BAT) to get some love as well.

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