!! Go see ‘Sicko’ !!

No movie has ever made me more glad to live in Canada than Sicko, Michael Moore’s new documentary on the American healthcare industry. Go see it, and find out about all the things you’re not getting.

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3 Comments on "Go see ‘Sicko’"

  1. After I saw that movie, I was just so thankful that I am Canadian. I don’t think I’d ever been happier for that fact than when I was watching that movie. I just don’t understand how a country is surviving on that system.

  2. I walked out of that movie feeling like we were back in the stone age or something – considering that all these other industrialized nations have national health care. How do we fix this? (besides moving to Canada…)

  3. This doc is amazing.
    And just imagine…we are only 30th when it comes to health care!
    We do have it good.

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