!! OMG, new Netflix candy: Halston !!

Sullivan Jones and Ewan McGregor in Ryan Murphy’s Halston for Netflix

Halston is mega-producer Ryan Murphy‘s latest ode to fashion’s glamorous past. It’s a five-part Netflix miniseries following the rise and fall of the iconic fashion designer Halston. It has everything we could expect from a Murphy production: ’70s coke-fueled glam, Studio 54 sex scenes and loads of lewks.

Ewan McGregor takes on the role of Halston with the confidence and abandon that portraying such a flamboyant character demands. If you loved him in Velvet Goldmine, get ready for this gayer turn. Yes, Ewan goes there, and not just to gay territory, but he has been a pioneer for male frontal scenes. He’s stripped down for sixteen (yes, sixteen!) nude roles and counting.

See our fav NSFW moments from Halston after the jump!

Scoll down for the GIFs, click here for the full scenes.

In Halston, we get to see some of Ewan McGregor’s hottest gay action to date! Sure we loved him in I Love You Phillip Morris, but here, he has a super realistic gay sex scene with 6’4 tall hottie Sullivan Jones. And speaking of Sullivan – we get to see his beautiful ass in this hot gay scene:

Clubs just aren’t what they used to be… Remember when you could just get it on the open at Studio 54?

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9 Comments on "OMG, new Netflix candy: Halston"

  1. I’m all for hiring gay actors to play gay roles, yet when you’re casting to play a VERY specific, real, person, like Halston (rather than a fictional character), the contstraints increase, Finding ANYone who can embody Halston isn’t the easiest. The body frame, the accent (even if affected) the age, and the quality of the actor are real criteria. I’ll give Ryan Murphy a pass here (as if he cares what I say).

    Ewan nailed it. The peformace was flawless. Would Quinto, Bomer, NPHarris, Lance Bass, Chris Colfer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matt WIlkas been right? Maybe Rupert Everett but he’s not really the right age.

  2. Hello-

    I don’t understand Shannon’s thought that only gay actors should play
    gay characters. isn’t that like saying only Italian actors should Italian

  3. I just finished the series, wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. It was well done… and Ewan McGregor was fantastic in the role.


  5. Mike Mccall | May 20, 2021 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    Hmmm,, okay so in this day and age, we are constantly seeing the fight for the lgbtq community to play lgbtq parts,,,,,,,, Ryan, you missed the boat on this one and I for one am disappointed.

    • It’s called ACTING! Loads of gay actors portray straight characters too!

    • 1) Talented gay actors tend to avoid gay out of fear of being typecast-ed.
      2) Ewan is straight? Mmm…I don’t know about that.
      3) Ewan was playing gay roles long before they were offering awards for it.
      4) You owe it to the subject of a bi-op to cast the best.
      5) Stardom and Charisma Matter. Tom Hanks changed everything.

  6. Zzzzzzzzzz... | May 20, 2021 at 6:26 pm | Reply

    DAMN, I miss bikini briefs.

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