!! Heidi Klum’s Christmas music video !!

Remember when I told you that supermodel/Project Runway hostess Heidi Klum was recording a Christmas single called “Wonderland”? Well it’s true, and now there’s a music video to prove it. The only thing that can really be said about the song and video (and the singer, obviously) is that it’s all very… European. (via Dlisted)

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6 Comments on "Heidi Klum’s Christmas music video"

  1. OMG, how cute: Jingle Cats

    If you plan on doing more than just eggnog this Christmas Eve, then I’ve found the perfect video for you. Wait till the halfway point where things get real crazy and then just let it take you somewhere else. These cats put Heidi Klum to shame….

  2. her santa baby rendition in the victorias secret commercials made me doubt she had any talent at all; this is better, suprisingly. but i wouldnt count on her launching a world wide music career. & & the girl in the music studio doesnt really look like heidi klum–her arms are fatter. maybe its because it was right after having a baby though. hm.

  3. So I’m alone in loving this, then? It’s poppy European schlager music and it’s ace.

  4. Is it possible she’s less talented than Paris? I mean, Stars are Blind at least had a hunky long-haired boy to ogle.

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