!! OMG, WATCH: ‘Hollywood’ is Ryan Murphy’s journey into the golden era of Hollywood !!

What if you could rewrite the story? Official Trailer for HOLLYWOOD, a new limited series from Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, coming to Netflix on May 1.

This looks delicious! Check out the trailer for the brand new Netflix series from Ryan Murphy which is sure to be super gay!

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4 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: ‘Hollywood’ is Ryan Murphy’s journey into the golden era of Hollywood"

  1. Interesting subject matter and era in Hollywood.

    But…I have never been able to get through an entire season of a Ryan Murphy show. He usually ‘jumps the shark’ by episode 3. I’m sure he’ll ham-fist a musical number by Patti Lupone somewhere (whether it makes sense or not).

    That said, I am here for Patti Lupone in 1940s/50s drag!


  3. Well this looks interesting..But does seems like an absolute rip off of Scotty Bowers 2012 memoir Full Service..

  4. I know hes playing a hetero but Criss better get naked at some point.

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