!! OMG, have you heard? Trump tweets to ‘LIBERATE!’ states with Democratic governors targeted by anti-lockdown protesters !!

And extremists see a call to arms… [towleroad]

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Brad Pitt gets emotional on home makeover show [socialite life]

What has Beyonce been up to during the pandemic? [lainey]

If COVID is passed through farts, this could be dangerous [boy culture]

Early tests show promise in Gilead treatment [instinct]

An Insecure nudity roundup! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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9 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Trump tweets to ‘LIBERATE!’ states with Democratic governors targeted by anti-lockdown protesters"

  1. If Trump extended the “Stay at home” order until next year, Libs would be out there instantly.

  2. They should waiver their right to healthcare if they get sick. Live free or die, right?

  3. My parents generation were drafted to go and fight in a world war. All that was asked of these morons was to sit at home and binge-watch Netflix.

  4. Real classy. And the left claims to be tolerant. If you don’t agree with everything someone else believes your first response is name calling. New York already stated they counted cases as covid-19 without even testing them. Michigan’s governor is a tyrant. You can’t buy seeds to plant but go get you a lottery ticket. Come on.

    • We’re in the midst of a pandemic and your concern is name-calling. The gymnastics people will perform to deflect blame from the most powerful position in the country deserve an Olympic gold medal. Truly astounding to watch.

      • Yea. Just like the blame for China and WHO. Oh wait we dare not give them blame. All they did was lie and it’s everyone else’s fault. Got it.

        • Trump was praising China’s handling of the situation in Jan\February though..Remember? It was shortly before he declared his perfect handling meant the handful of people who had it here would soon be zero.

  5. I hope every one of these mouth breathing, inbred, deliberately undereducated and misinformed morons gets the plague and sails off to the ‘freedom and glory‘ awaiting them in ‘Heaven’.

    Them and the idiots cramming into churches and giving all their money to their multi-millionaire pastors…

  6. Justin Goodman | April 17, 2020 at 11:18 pm | Reply

    The Gilead product remdesivir is a therapy (i.e. a drug) not a vaccine.

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