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OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtApril 2022 Horoscopes

Late last year, I transitioned to writing these horoscopes monthly instead of by lunation (which is bi- to tri- monthly). Since switching to this method, I’ve been able to notice when a month is particularly astrologically active, since I write up these little lists of the astrology that stands out to me.

I realize that to most readers of a horoscope, such lists are a lot of astrological gobbledygook. They’re also incomplete, as many more things go on than I can name. These lists help me see a length and number of transits that are taking place, the balance of soft vs. hard aspects, how much change there will be, how much things stay the same.

April, I can attest, is a busy month:

April 1: New Moon in Aries / April 4-21: Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces / April 5: Saturn conjunct Mars in Aquarius / April 6: Venus ingress to Pisces / April 12: Mercury ingress to Taurus / April 16: Mars ingress to Pisces / April 16: Full Moon in Libra / April 18: Uranus conjunct Mercury in Taurus / April 21: Sun ingress to Taurus / April 24: Saturn in Aquarius square Mercury in Taurus / April 27-29: Neptune conjunct Venus in Pisces / April 28-29: Pluto in Capricorn Trine Mercury in Taurus / April 30: New Moon in Taurus and Partial Solar Eclipse

In major astrological news, April sees one of the big transits for 2022, the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. This is big because both of these planets have rulership and association with Pisces: Neptune is the modern ruling planet of the sign, and Jupiter the ancient ruler (so, depending on the astrologer you’re talking to and what they practice, you’ll hear different opinions on who’s in charge). With both of them in Pisces walking side by side for a moment, I have the image of two colleagues walking alongside one another, both directors or leaders in some way, perhaps a retired and current leader of the same space, conversing over the state of their shared affairs.

In the case of Pisces, this is mysticism, faith, art, spirit, and WATER. In the backdrop of all the other astrology of the month, there’s a lot of opportunity for confusion and mess.  Pisces and Jupiter both have a lot of optimism associated with them, but I personally really feel the Neptunian themes of overwhelm and fatigue when I think of Pisces: in general I want to warn us all of burnout and to remind us to take space and rest when we can.

Venus and Mars both join Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces this month, and towards the end of the month Venus, too, will conjoin Neptune in the watery depths. Overall the astrology of April is funny stuff for Aries season, with many more planets stuck in the swampy murk of the two fish than we may want for the season of action and risk.

At the end of April, we have an unusual third lunation in one month that kicks off this Spring’s eclipse season, with a new moon and partial solar eclipse in Taurus. This lunation will sit riiiight close to Uranus in the same sign, and describes a moment of opportunity for new changes.

April 2022 horoscopesPeople on the Internet really doomstrologize eclipses, and every eclipse season I try to remind us all that eclipses are normal, regular, constant astrological occurrences, so when the infographics start to come out remember these words.

Since the eclipse is directly preceded by a trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus, our communication strategies will be nicely helped by the only transiting trine we will see this month. Take advantage of that as you look to apply the eclipse thematics of change and new beginnings to your own chart.

There are some months that I speak poetically and in imagery, and then there are others, like this one, where I’m drawn to speak with a lot of clarity about the most mundane takes on the astrology possible. Perhaps the emphasis on Pisces this month makes me dig my heels in and insist on the everyday; makes me want to communicate that even at its most fantastical, astrology is largely a description of the incredibly normal occurrence of planets hurtling around our solar system.

Sometimes it’s important to find the beauty and spirituality in everyday things, and other times it’s important to find the everyday in the depths. To tread water and stay afloat. At the risk of that overused metaphor, this is a time for such an image.

With love and life vests,

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Horoscopes are written using whole house calculations and are meant as inspiration and affirmation of what you already know about yourself. Specific calculations are made for the rising signs, but if you don’t know your rising sign you can read for your sun. You can also horoscopes read for your moon sign for extra emotional information. You can access your birth chart at astro.com or many other apps and websites using your birth date, time, and location. If you’re interested in getting a reading, you can book one with Amelia here

Aries horoscope April 2022Aries rising

This month’s astrology continues the strong activity in your 12th house and with it the emphasis on your dreams, your subconscious, and your solo self. Jupiter and Neptune form their conjunction in this part of your chart, so I invite you to consider how this year already has been about (and may continue to be) about spiritual growth that takes place behind the scenes.

Our 12th house is called “the shadow self”, and the thing about that is that it means other people can see it: think about your shadow when you are facing the sun. As you face forwards into the light, think about who are the people in your life that you can trust to talk through your deep stuff with.

As the Sun and Mercury move to join Uranus in Taurus, your 2nd house of resources becomes illuminated. From a very mundane perspective, this house is about your stuff, your money, your valuables. Zoom out and take away capitalism and we have your energy, your food, and your values. It’s a nice time to consider what you put in your body, to think about how to take care of your whole self via what you consume.

Taurus horoscope April 2022Taurus rising

Once again your 11th house of community is at the forefront of this month’s astrology. The conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter taking place there means this part of your chart is the background for some of 2022’s major astrology. Think about how your social circles have already played a part in your life so far this year. Any organizations you are a part of, your co-workers, your groups – they are a place where you can put your faith right now, but also a place where you are liable to fall for big promises and ideas right now, so guard yourself with your good instincts.

When the Sun and Mercury move to join Uranus in Taurus, your first house of identity gets a nice boost from these two planets. Uranus in this part of your chart since 2018 has been a little intense – perhaps some major changes in your identity, your personality, your looks – our great luminary and the quick planet of communication coming in give you a moment to consider all of that.

Consider any changes, any challenges, any innovations you have made in the category of self and congratulate yourself for them.

Gemini horoscope April 2022Gemini rising

One of the big astrology stories of this year happens as Neptune and Jupiter form their conjunction in Pisces, and this means that this is another month that your 10th house of career is hugely emphasized. Depending on where your Gemini placements sit, this could be a stressful time for you – check if your rising sign (or Sun if you’re reading for Gemini Sun) is between 20º-25º of the sign: if so, this the crux of a difficult time that may have involved a lot of fatigue, confusion, and indecision.

The good news about a crux is that once it’s over, you have just a few more tough moves before you ascend. No matter where your Gemini placements are, this much nebulous energy around career can be stressful for anybody, so I encourage you to dream, journal, and in general allow yourself as little action and as much consideration as possible throughout this time.

Mercury and the Sun join Uranus in your 12th house, doubling down on Pisces energy since the 12th house is associated with the sign of the fish. The 12th house is our solo self, our dreams, our shadow, our sub-conscious. You may find this part of yourself awakened this month as Mercury asks its interminable and constant questions in this area of your chart. Find a trusted friend who can get into the depths of a conversation with you if you need to work through some deep shit.

Again, this is a time for talking and not a lot of action.

Cancer horoscope April 2022Cancer rising

Neptune and Jupiter forming their conjunction in Pisces this month brings one of 2022’s big astrology stories to the fore, and it takes place in the part of your chart having to do with growth. This is expansive astrology: it’s also the kind of astrology that makes you wanna say yes to a lot of things. These kinds of transits are hard, because opportunities seem fun and you want to take them on and it’s good to do that! But it’s also important to know what your limit is going to be.

To the best of your capacity, set up circumstances that will protect you from overexertion, and even if you have to actively schedule in rest, make it a priority.

Uranus being joined by Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, sitting in your 11th house of community. If there have been big changes in your social circles since 2018, you can fully blame the astrology as Uranus has crashed about through this part of your chart. The Sun and Mercury give you a chance to consider the changes. Consider the challenges they have brought, consider the necessary growth.

This is a good time to do some writing about this subject matter, so I offer you the prompt for journaling: “how have my social circles changed in the last four years, and how have I changed in my social circles?”

Leo horoscope April 2022Leo rising

The astrology of 2022 has already featured quite a bit of activity in your 8th house of intimacy and transformation, Leo rising, and April continues this trend. Jupiter conjoining Neptune here is a bit of a spotlight on some activity that’s been going on for several years, and a critical point in the cycle of Pisces activity this year. This kind of astrology can feel murky, and make you unsure who you can trust.

Be cautious around any new relationships that feel super dreamy or like you’ve always known this person – not because it’s necessarily a bad thing, but because this astrology can make you fall hard and give up your sense of self. You can’t do that, Leo! Of any sign in the zodiac we need you to lead the charge on holding your own all the time.

Mercury and the Sun moving into Taurus later this month will conjoin Uranus, the planet of chaos and innovation which has been in your 10th house of career since 2018. If your Leo placements are between 10º-20º of the sign, then this year has some particularly stressful parts from Uranus.

Either way, this kind of instability around career can be stressful: use the light of the Sun and the words of Mercury to come up with strategies for coping when you feel at your most upended.

Virgo horoscope April 2022Virgo rising

All the Pisces activity so far this year has been passing through your 7th house of one-on-one relationships, and this month the big story of Neptune and Jupiter conjoining in the sign bring the emphasis on this part of your chart to a culmination. This kind of astrology can make you feel like you don’t know what you want.

On the other hand, it can also show you the special growth that can take place as a result of allowing yourself to be in the unknown. Pay special attention to your one-on-one relationships right now, Virgo rising. They are giving you the keys to accepting the inaction and helping you tread water.

Later this month, Mercury and the Sun move together into Taurus, where they will join Uranus who has been in your 9th house of growth since 2018. This is itchy growth, the kind of learning that feels a little uncomfortable, but that leads to the most innovation, the most new ideas, the most free version of yourself.

Let the Sun’s light and Mercury’s wisdom move over you to help you clarify, specify, and synthesize the growth you’ve been doing. Feel good about it, Virgo.

Libra horoscope April 2022Libra rising

Much of 2022’s astrology has already been shaped by action in Pisces, which for you rules your 6th house of day to day life. With Jupiter and Neptune forming their conjunction here, this transit reaches a culmination where these two gas giants meet to emphasize the mystery and expansion in your life.

Where are you growing in your most mundane activities? Where is the mystery in your schedule? This transit has a lot of spiritual significance, but also some super mundane practical ones for your health – it’s really easy astrology to get burned out under. Watch your health, drink lots of water, take rest, and don’t go too hard even though things are opening up again!

When Mercury and the Sun move into Taurus they’ll join Uranus which has been moving through your 8th house of intimacy and transformation since 2018. This astrology gives many opportunities for learning some deep truths about yourself, but it’s possibly been prickly and unstable learning.

Use the Sun’s light and Mercury’s words to consider everything you’ve learned about yourself – hold it up, look around it, and feel it deeply in your bones.

Scorpio horoscope April 2022Scorpio rising

Neptune and Jupiter forming their conjunction in Pisces this month continues the theme of 2022’s astrology being heavily centered around this sign, which for you lands in your 5th house of joy. Having Pisces rule this part of your chart means you bring a natural creative self to the part of life about art and expression, and the transit of these two gas giants here is an underscore to this fact.

Pay attention to what feels good. Use this opportunity to create, to have fun, to see friends, but take care to not overextend yourself while you do it – Jupiter can take on way too much and Neptune is all about fatigue, so consider this a heads up.

When the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus, they do so in your 7th house of partnership where they join Uranus which has been in this part of your chart since 2018. Uranus is about instability and Taurus loves stability, so this has been a pretty oppositional time for all of us. For you it’s manifested in your one-on-one relationships.

Take the light of the Sun and the words of Mercury to consider any changes that have taken place in this part of your life, and allow for the reflections you need.

Sagittarius horoscope April 2022Sagittarius rising

When Neptune and Jupiter form their conjunction in Pisces this month, they underline the Piscean thematic that much of 2022 has so far focused on. In your chart this takes place in your 4th house of home and family. These two gas giants together at once invite growth and belief, but also overextension and fatigue.

Be cautious of what you try to take care of, whether it’s an old lingering family dynamic or a home improvement project that is more than you can truly take on. This is a good transit to spend time in appreciation of your home, and reflecting on the sacred relationships that make up your family (chosen or of origin).

With the upcoming Taurus season, and Mercury joining along, the Sun and the planet of communication join Uranus who has been sitting in the sign of the bull since 2018. These planets are meeting up in your 6th house of everyday life—in what way have your schedules and daily routines changed in the last four years? A Sagittarius truly thrives in change, but with Taurus on the 6th you might be surprisingly invested in some stability in your everyday. Just because you like to know what your week is gonna look like doesn’t make you any less of a frenetic Sag.

Use the opportunity of the Sun’s light and Mercury’s way with words to think about what you personally want your day-to-day life to look like: what feels best, what works best, what you know you need.

Capricorn horoscope April 2022Capricorn rising

With the meeting of the gas giants Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, April brings a punctuation mark to one of the big astrology stories of the year taking place in this sign. For you this is happening in your 3rd house. I often struggle with talking about this part of the chart: it’s about communication, but it’s also about short trips, siblings, and your neighborhood. It’s a weird catch all house! I typically write about transits here as having to do with the way you speak, but here I am compelled to talk about the weirdness of the house because this is kind of a weird transit!

The 3rd house encompasses so much, and Jupiter is about expansion: the 3rd house can be a bit confusing (despite its need for clarity), and Neptune is all about confusion. I invite you with this transit to let the confusion happen, let yourself feel pulled in many directions, and ask very little concretely from yourself.

As the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus, they join Uranus which has been in the sign of the bull since 2018. This is all taking place in your 5th house of creativity and joy. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign that loves pleasure and does well on a house that has everything to do with pleasure. Uranus, however, can be a difficult planet about chaos and instability.

What has happened to mess with the ways you find pleasure over the past four years? I’m sure we can all think of a lot of answers. Use the Sun’s light and Mercury’s articulations to consider and reflect on those changes.

Aquarius horoscope April 2022Aquarius rising

Pisces has been home to some of the big astrology of the year already, and when Neptune and Jupiter form their conjunction this month they punctuate this story in your 2nd house of resources. On a deeply mundane level, this is a good warning to watch your finance: to be cautious not to overspend, not to invest in anything that seems unbelievable, to take careful care of where your money is. On a more abstract level, this is about the relationship between your energy and your values.

What beliefs fuel you to get up in the morning? The two planets that have to do with belief and faith are joined here now, Aquarius rising, and they invite you to invest your energy in your beliefs.

When the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus, they will join Uranus which has been in this sign since 2018. For these past 4 years Uranus has been in the part of your chart about home and family: the 4th house rules the familiar and the safe, and uranus bringing its instability and chaos to your fourth house has possibly been stressful and turbulent.

I encourage you, Aquarius rising, to let change be a part of life. To try and accept that change leads to innovation, and new ways of addressing old problems are often exactly what is needed.

Pisces horoscope April 2022Pisces rising

This is some big astrology for you, Pisces folks, in particular if your Pisces placements are between 20º-25º of the sign. Jupiter and Neptune are forming a conjunction in your sign, underlining a big story of 2022’s astrology in the part of your chart that has to do with your identity. The 1st house is the way we see the world and the way the world sees us: so we can’t take this side of ourselves off, but it’s just one side of the story. For you this side is about your creative, dreamy, expressive, spiritual self.

Whatever way you connect with these words, with the qualities of Pisces, it’s being emphasized with this astrology. There is nothing to do with this astrology other than to move slowly through it. Notice everything about yourself. Love your soft edges. Be in confusion. And please, please don’t make any drastic appearance changes til it ends.

When the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus, they own Uranus which has been in the sign since 2018. This has brought a lot of instability to the part of your chart that is about communication for the past four years.

How have your communication styles and habits changed? Do you express yourself differently? Use the light of the sun and the quickness of Mercury to identify these changes and appreciate what they are doing for you.

OMG Stars is our astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Each month, at the beginning of the new astrological season, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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