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Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween. Joyous Samhain.

When people say on the internet that “the veil is thin today,” we aren’t just talking about the spirit realm. @avecastrologie pointed out in an Instagram post today that “ghosts are anything that haunts,” which makes me reflect that being haunted is more than just being a slutty blonde girl living in a mysterious old mansion with a spooky basement.

Our pasts haunt us. Our mistakes. Our exes. Our families. Our wounds. Our choices.

When we are doing poorly, our previous happy times haunt us. Memories haunt our present and make us fearful of the future.

Scorpio, whose season we are in the thick of, is about the occult and the darkness and the dead, but it is also about the past. Of every part of the Zodiac, Scorpio holds the most fervently onto the past and to nostalgia. The present Mercury retrograde, which began its cycle in Scorpio and is now in Libra, has likely brought out all kinds of nostalgias and thoughts of the past. Today’s full moon in Taurus, conjoined with Uranus retrograde in the same sign, is at once a chance to let go of our past comforts, but also to respect them.

Full Moon in Taurus, October 31 2020On Samhain, practitioners honour the dead in many ways, often by setting a place at the table for our ancestors or setting up altars (for some informed and wise words on the significance of Samhain from someone who knows a ton more than I do, read the most recent Instagram post by @catalystcommunityherbals). With today’s full moon, think about how to honour the ghosts of your past in a similar way. Taurus is a sign of comfort and pleasure, and although it is difficult to let go of things which have once been comforting or pleasurable, it is critical to do so in order to make room for the new.

Celebrate this time of renewal by honouring the death of your past self as you would a loved one. Your old life, your old routines, your old comforts are gone now, perhaps forever. Culturally, we must allow these old ways to die so that we may envision a future of comfort for all instead of few.  Let go of the comfort of convenience, of immediacy, of consumption, and move towards a comfort in slowness, a comfort in patience, a comfort in care.

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Aries and Aries rising
Happy Halloween, baby rams. Taurus is the immediate following sign of Aries and I often think of how they are similar: horned animals; the line from being determined into being stubborn; an association with the early part of our life. Let this full moon awaken your young self to the sense-world around you. Aries rising readers have this lunation in your second house of resources.

This is a good time to Kondo your Condo. Honour this evening’s full moon by cleaning your home, letting go of objects that perhaps hold emotional significance that is no longer serving your highest potential to hold onto. Commit to a new version of yourself unencumbered by these burdens, Aries, so that you can dive forward a lighter psyche.

Taurus and Taurus rising
Happy Halloween, bull-folks. This full moon in your sign gives you the opportunity to have a moment of reflection on yourself. Since the new moon in Taurus in April, what senses of identity have you built for yourself? What have you begun that can come to a close? Both Taurus sun and Taurus rising readers have this lunation in a place close to your self-development, so this full moon is a good moment to lean in to understanding yourself. Whatever it is you do to express and understand yourself is a good thing to engage in with this full moon.

Look at past versions of yourself to get a clear picture on the person seeing it today. How have you changed? How do you want to change moving forwards? How do you want to stay the same? This full moon asks you to get comfortable with this change, which may not be easy for you, Taurus, but is a beautiful opportunity for growth.

Gemini and Gemini rising
Happy Halloween, twins. Taurus gives us comfort and Gemini gives us plenty: where Taurus sits down to a nice meal, Gemini invites the company. while this may not be a moment of having people to the table, Gemini, the table is there regardless. Halloween is a very Gemininian holiday, with an opportunity to show different sides of yourself. Show those sides of yourself at home, or keep them to yourself for once, and see how they teach you. Gemini rising readers have this full moon in your twelfth house – aawoooooo, Gemini risings – the twelfth house is about things we don’t understand. What a beautiful lunation to work with your ancestors on a day that is dedicated to them. Your ancestors are there for you tonight, Gemini rising, so ask them for any guidance you may need in this coming year.

Cancer and Cancer rising
Happy Halloween, crabby folks. Taurus’ love of stability goes well with Cancer’s love of safety, and for this reason a cozy night in of thinking about the past might be even more appealing to Cancer folks than usual. Cancer is the sign of the family, so a full moon on this thin-veil day is a good time to think of your family members who have passed on.

Cancer rising readers have this lunation in your eleventh house of friends and community, so I encourage you to honor those chosen family members who have left this plane. However you may choose to honour the dead, today is a particularly potent time for calling in people you knew as friends or through community. Observe this bright evening light by remembering fond times in groups with them, Cancer rising, and pour them a drink of whatever you’re having.

Leo and Leo rising
Happy Halloween, lions, lionesses, and lionxs. Usually this would be a holiday your lot would probably enjoy, with an opportunity to get dressed up and be very seen. This year, not so much, but you can still find ways to get creative and show off at home. Leo rising readers have this lunation in your tenth house of career and public profile.

Who and what are the dead of your work? How can you honor these elements of your practice while inviting in new? Today is a day of renewal and transformation, and this lunation invites these elements to your work. Look through your old work this weekend for a sense of what you want to leave behind as you move forwards, Leo rising.

Virgo and Virgo rising
Happy Halloween, Virgins. Hey, did you know that the history of the word “virgin” actually just referred to unmarried women, and not specifically to women who had never done sex, because doing sex+being married I guess were the same thing, so nuns who were “virgins” were rlly just unmarried women who lived together in collective spaces hanging out and making food and handicrafts? Sounds gay to me. Virgo loves to putter, and a space of devoted unmarried puttering actually sounds quite Virgo to me.

To putter is to honour your daily life, and for Virgo, that kind of  honour is everything. Virgo rising readers have this lunation in your ninth house of expansion. Of learning, of foreign encounters, of religion.  Now is the time to let go of your travel plans that didn’t exactly pan out this year. Let go of what you previously thought would help you grow and look for new ways to learn and expand your sense of self, Virgo: we don’t learn by doing the same thing over and over again.

Libra and Libra rising
Happy Halloween, balancers. With Mercury and Venus both having moved into your sign this week, we have a bit of an extended Libra-feeling this year. A bit of extra beauty for the spooky season. With your ruling planet now in your sign, see how these coming weeks bring you to a sense of self, to a sense of harmony, and be your own affirmation chorus.

Libra rising readers have this lunation in your eighth house, and every full moon I tell the readers who have this placement: let that shit go. Whatever ways that you have been holding onto shit that isn’t yours, I invite you with this full moon to release it. If it does not serve your highest potential, if you no longer like the colour, if it’s hurting your shoulders, discard it.

Intimacy is only possible when we have the space for it within ourselves: release whatever you have been carrying that is making it impossible to be close to another.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising
Happy Halloween, Scorpions. This is your time of year! Today is peak Scorpio season energy, everyone getting into creepy stuff, the veil thin, our ancestors close. This full moon in Scorpio’s opposite sign activates the part of our collective consciousness that is about intimacy and safety, our sense of self and our entanglement with another. As the full moon opposes the sun in your natal sign, feel yourself reflected back from the world around you and notice how you may be deflecting a sense of safety in the name of protecting yourself.

Scorpio rising readers have this moon in your seventh house of partnership. See what has died in your closest relationships: in your collaborations, your romantic partnerships, your one-on-one dealings. Whatever in this area of your life can be released, it is time to release it. It’s uncomfortable to accept change in this part of life, particularly for you Scorpios who form strong bonds, but if you accept the change it becomes possible to build, or rebuild, anew.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising
Happy Halloween, archers. Sagittarius is a sign well adapted to lots of change, so this season of transformation that directly precedes your own may be a more comfortable moment for you than other signs. It’s a good time to ask questions about reality, to wonder about the way we see the world, and I invite you to approach these big questions with your characteristic curiosity.

Sagittarius rising readers have this full moon in your sixth house of day-to-day life. Naturally this year your daily life has likely experienced some changes and some losses in the ways you like your everyday to be comfortable. This moon asks you to let those daily comforts go. It’s ok to mourn their losses, since that pain is real, but look forward into new kinds of daily comfort.

What moments can you create for yourself that will bring you pleasure in your everyday life? Let this lunation make space to mourn the loss, and move forward into seeking new daily pleasures.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising
Happy Halloween, sea-goats. This moon in your fellow earth sign alongside Uranus brings attention to the ways our daily comforts and structures have been rocked this year, which has been such a hard state of being for a sign that loves structure such as yours. This attention may be uncomfortable to experience, so please be particularly gentle on yourself today while you consider the losses of 2020.

Capricorn rising readers have this lunation in your 5th house of creativity. The 5th house rules many parts of life: dating, falling in love, children, partying, dancing, having fun, creative self-expression…Capricorn rising readers have a relationship to these parts of life that is steeped in comfort and body-pleasure. Think of how your relationship to fun has changed this year.

Mourn the loss of partying, mourn the loss of dancing, mourn the changes to your creativity. If your past experiences of fun are currently haunting you, allow the sadness of a night that is typically a huge party to be felt and mourn it appropriately.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising
Happy Halloween, water bearers. This full moon is in a sign that squares Aquarius, and the fixed energy of this full moon may bring some irritability to Aquarius readers. On the other hand, your lot love knowledge, and a thin veil may be peeling back the covers from many parts of your life you typically don’t access, so use the opportunity to learn about that which is normally inaccessible to you.

Aquarius rising readers have this lunation in your fourth house of home and family. This lunation is calling for you to remember family members who have passed. Whether they are immediate family, extended family, or chosen family, a full moon in this part of your chart invites them in.

To remember those lost is to hold them and keep them with us: now, when the veil is thin, speak to those you remember and assure them they live with you.

Pisces and Pisces rising
Happy Halloween, fishes. Pisces is the most archetypally sensitive part of the Zodiac, and if there’s any sign typically associated with psychic energy it’s yours. If this is an energy you have access to, this weekend could be very potent for you. Pisces rising readers have this lunation in your third house of communication. Perhaps this year, particularly since the new moon in April, has seen changes to the way you communicate. Perhaps you’ve found yourself holding back from speaking your world views because they feel too obtuse, or you’ve been self-conscious to hold your views.

This lunation asks you to release that. Allow your communication discomforts to die so that you may speak your truth in whatever curious, mysterious, elliptical way feels most comfortable to you.

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