!! OMG Stars: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia Ehrhardt

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini, June 10th, 2021

If you or someone around you has been asking, “WTF is going on right now?”, rest assured that, astrologically, something is TF going on.

I’ll put it all in astrological terms, then I’ll translate after.

Today’s solar eclipse and new moon takes place conjunct Mercury, currently retrograde at 10º of Gemini. The sun, moon, and Mercury are all in a square to Neptune, a square that Mercury has been in for more than a week now. Meanwhile Saturn and Uranus are in their square, the second of three this year, and still around one of the tightest orbs they’ll make this year.

We also just got out of an opposition between Mars and Pluto, in Cancer and Capricorn respectively, in late cardinal degrees that were badly hit last year.

To translate into English: Things are a bit messy. Mercury retrograde is what we know it to be: a time of revision but also of things going awry, plans not working out, misunderstandings possible. Square Neptune, planet of confusion and mystery, the chance for misunderstanding is not just possible but basically to be expected. Neptune is in Pisces bringing a deeply emotional element to these misunderstandings.

Horoscopes for New Moon and Solar Eclipse in GeminiEclipses, meanwhile, tend to precipitate crises or major changes: we’re currently in eclipse season, having just had a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius two weeks ago. We fear eclipses as we fear change, and we dislike Mercury retrogrades as we dislike unpredictability. This astrology is a bit like the feeling of encountering a minor irritation while you are in a major personal crisis. Usually a flat tire on your bike, a transit reroute, an email problem, would be annoying. When you’re in major crisis, these things can be the tipping point.

To bring Mars and Pluto into the mix, their major action is already passed: the opposition was strongest last weekend. But that opposition occurred in parts of Cancer and Capricorn that were very active last year, particularly last summer during some very challenging astrology (and times): I had wondered, and am now noticing that, this opposition is bringing back some energies and thematics of last summer.

Particularly since combined with Mercury retrograde, which tends to be a very nostalgic time, we’re being drawn back into some conversations we maybe hoped we were done with.

The eclipse is making space for the change we were not ready for last year. Give yourself the space you need to process it, be kind to the people around you, and be slow with your speech.

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Horoscopes are written using whole house calculations and are meant as inspiration and affirmation of what you already know. They are written for both sun and rising signs, but specific information is calculated for the rising signs. You can also read the horoscope for your moon sign for extra emotional information. You can access your birth chart at www.astro.com or many other apps and websites using your birth date, time, and location. If you’re interested in getting a reading, you can book one with Amelia here.

Aries and Aries rising

People on the internet love to talk about “manifesting”. We’re not talking about our hopes, we’re “manifesting our future”; conversely we’re not complaining about our current situation we’re “manifesting bad luck”. This eclipse and Mercury retrograde are in your third house of communication, which made me think of this internetism. Change is happening and you’re probably talking about it; misunderstandings might lead to those changes and you express frustration. Some of these changes might be coming at a time when you’re having to deal with some problems between work and home that started last summer. Take the immediate days after the eclipse to process in as much silence as possible – I’m not saying silent retreat or anything, but maybe write your thoughts down, try to sit with your feelings – find ways of letting these experiences pass through your body without needing to verbalize them.

Taurus and Taurus rising

Taureans like their stuff in order – it’s not about organization so much as it is about predictability. You like to know where your next meal, shower, and paycheque are coming from. I love this about you! This eclipse and Mercury retrograde, however, are in your second house of resources, so you could be having some unwanted unpredictability around these things. This unpredictability might be particularly annoying and bringing up some tender issues that took place in your life in the summer of 2020.

Misplaced objects, food orders not coming through, or perhaps even a big change in terms of where your income is coming from. Take the immediate days after this eclipse to take stock: write a new budget, shop for groceries, do some energy work that will help you feel like you have there resources you need to get through.

Gemini and Gemini rising

An eclipse in one’s sign is always a biggie. This one is coupled with Gemini’s ruling planet retrograde: you might be particularly irritable and dealing with a slew of things not going right. You might also be on the tail end of some difficult stuff having to do with your resources and entanglements that happened in the summer of 2020, something that came back up last weekend that you maybe thought was over.

If things are coming up, trust that a retrograde is actually a good time to revise: but also that this eclipse in your sign means you’re going to need a second to deal with it. Geminis like to act fast, and this eclipse is gonna make you want to do that. I encourage you to take the immediate days following the eclipse to make sure your movements and actions are slow, calculated, and planned. If there’s change that you had no control over, the same is true.

We can’t always prevent cataclysmic change but we can be sure of what we want to do following it.

Cancer and Cancer rising

Cancer is one of the signs that most needs to be liked. You want to be nice and you want to be kind. The desire to have everyone think these things of you can be a big challenge for Cancerian folks. This eclipse and Mercury retrograde is taking place in a part of your chart that everyone else can see but you – your shadow self, your 12th house.

We all have parts of ourselves that we’re not comfortable with. The eclipse is probably bringing that stuff to the fore. Misunderstandings can expose secrets, or shame – and it’s possible that your sensitive self is already reeling from having had to revisit difficult aspects from last summer. In the immediate days following the eclipse, let yourself sleep A LOT. Your dreams are probably busy, and you need rest following your sleep.

What an annoying place to be, Cancer rising! The best way to make good on the sides of yourself that make you uncomfortable is to be able to face them, because true kindness involves a deep level of self awareness.

Leo and Leo rising

Not every Leo is a sociable person, but every Leo cares about their pack. Whether it’s your social group, colleagues, family – whoever those people are for you, you want to protect them. This eclipse and Mercury retrograde are in the part of your chart that has to do with these people and how you relate to them.  A big change might be taking place here right now, or at least some big misunderstandings.

You might also be coming up against some very emotional stuff that happened last summer but that you’re getting a little reminder of, and nostalgia is bringing you back into it. In the days immediately following this eclipse, I encourage you to be around your friends in a state of listening.

Give yourself the permission to not speak, just let the people you love share and be the audience for once. It can be kind of relaxing to witness.

Virgo and Virgo rising

When I talk to my Virgo clients, I always talk about how Virgo is earth in element and mutable in nature, and how well this describes Virgo because earth is an element you really want to be stable. If Taurus is earth that is completely solid and stable, and Capcirorn is a mountain top or a cave, Virgo is earth moving between these two states: the tectonic plates shifting, the quicksand slipping. This describes Virgo anxiety very well. Your mutability is being triggered by this astrology, with the Mercury retrograde and eclipse in Gemini, a mutable air sign.

This can be stressful and unpredictable. The eclipse and Mercury retrograde happens in a part of your chart that has to do with your work and public profile, potentially harboring some change in either what you do or how people see it. If you’ve been considering a change, this is a good time for it to happen, if it doesn’t happen on its own. You might also be on the tail end of having an unwanted reminder of some emotional and uncomfortable stuff that happened in your life in summer of 2020 and which you thought you were done with.

It’s best to face these things and not turn away. In the days immediately following this eclipse, I encourage you to consider what you want your work to be and what you want to be known for. Write all the lists, the charts, the activity sheets you want, or simply sit and think.

There’s that great Mary Oliver line for you to ruminate on: “tell me, what is it you want to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Libra and Libra rising

How does growth fit into your perception of balance? When one part of you expands, how do the others need to shift to make room for it? This eclipse and Mercury retrograde are taking place in the part of your chart about your expansion: about learning, travel, encounters with things you didn’t previously know. This could be a relatively benign place to have a huge eclipse happen, but if you’re presently in school, planning some travel (!!!!), or a person involved in organized religion, it could in fact be huge.

Changes and misunderstandings are happening in this part of your life; meanwhile you were recently reminded of some really uncomfortable stuff that happened in your life last summer around work and home, and that you had hoped was over. In the days immediately following this eclipse, I encourage you to think of something you want to do for your own growth and do it.

Pick a course, a travel location, a journey of some kind that you know will help you grow as a person. Planning the growth is a kind of gift to yourself that will help you remain in balance and harmony.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Scorpio – your transformation is calling. Your ability to sit with other people through the uncomfortable shit? It needs you right now. This eclipse and Mercury retrograde happen in a part of your chart that has to do with your intimacy, transformation, and debts of all kinds: this is “big inner changes” energy, but it’s also “oh shit there was a mistake on my taxes” energy, or “this person I had sex with wants to talk through some feelings” energy.

Thankfully you’re naturally inclined to sit with the shit and come out on the other end. While you might presently be reeling from having to deal with some problems from last summer – problems which likely contributed to your growth and communication style – the time to put your head in the sand is not now.

In the days immediately following this eclipse, I encourage you to consider how you want to show up for people, and to think about the ways that you do that well.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

Are you still recovering from the last lunar eclipse in your sign? This solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde is in Gemini, your opposing sign, meaning you’re still getting a bit walloped with change. These eclipses will be in your sign for awhile still, so if you have some Astro-fluency and want some exact hints on when this is happening, take a look at what degree of Sagittarius your placements are in and what degree the eclipses are happening in (you could also just book in with your favourite queer and fellow Sagittarian astrologer 🙃).

The solar eclipse might feel like a barrage from the outside, whereas the lunar eclipse two weeks ago was more a deep internal rumbling. You might also be dealing with having just needed to address some problems from last summer regarding your resources and entanglements, shit you thought you were done with and are now annoyed to be thinking about. In the days immediately following this eclipse, I encourage you to spend some time with yourself and take note of your growth.

Who have you become, and how have your closest relationships reflected who you are? I love that old Velvet Underground and Nico nugget – “I’ll be your mirror, reflect who you are, in case you don’t know”.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

2020’s astrology was notoriously hard on Capricorns, and last week’s Mars-Pluto opposition might have given you a seriously unwanted reminder of some of it. I am truly sorry if you had to be dragged back into that mud! A Mercury retrograde is a natural time to have to go over the past, so it’s not a bad idea to use this energy to see how much has changed in this time.

The eclipse and retrograde are taking place in a part of your chart that has to do with your daily life. The everyday routines you normally rely on might have been blown to pieces recently, or simply have come up against some annoyances. In the days following the eclipse, I would suggest doing some good things for your body to help you weather these changes.

Work out, take a bath, meditate, do some somatic practices – whatever your chosen form of connecting to your body is, this eclipse is a great time to do it.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

The eclipse and Mercury retrograde are all happening in what is technically a supportive aspect to Aquarius, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be sitting all gleeful while everyone else is miserable. Aquarius at once is about order and chaos, and I have found that many Aquarians tend to really need structure but constantly be dealing with instability (instability which is often self-imposed, whoops).The eclipse and Mercury retrograde are taking place in a part of your chart having to do with your creativity and your joys.

None of us want this part of our life disrupted! This could be a lot of cancelled plans that you were really looking forward to, or some frustrating misunderstandings around your creative practice, especially if you’re an artist. It could also be a big change around this side of yourself. Meanwhile you were recently reminded of some very emotional stuff you dealt with last year, stuff which dug through a real deep part of yourself and probably affected your day to day life. It’s annoying at best to have to go back over things you thought were done, but thankfully Mercury retrograde is a great time for that.

Try not to be angry about having to backtrack, and instead think of it as an opportunity to get it right the second time.

Pisces and Pisces rising

Mercury’s retrograde, and then the Eclipse, has taken a hard square to your ruling planet Neptune, currently in your sign: typically a Mercury retrograde in an air sign such as this one shouldn’t be particularly emotional, but this aspect to Neptune has made space for an emotional tinge to misunderstandings. All this to say – if you’re feeling especially misunderstood and especially frustrated by it, don’t be surprised and don’t blame yourself. You might also be dealing with some reminders of things that went down in your life last summer, possibly having to do with your friends and dating life.

No matter if you don’t want to be going over these things, a Mercury retrograde is a good time to do it. The eclipse and retrogrades are in a part of your chart that has to do with your home, bringing some unwanted change and instability here. As innocuous as a problem with the pipes, as huge as an unwanted move, or as emotional as an issue with your family, whatever it is it’s got elements both large and annoying.

Try to breathe through whatever the changes are. I encourage you in the days following this eclipse to spend some real time at home, giving love to the place you reside, and letting it love you back.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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