!! OMG, never forget: ‘I Want Your Love’ !!

I Want Your Love by Travis Mathews

Jesse Metzger and Brenden Gregory in I Want Your Love

I Want Your Love [NSFW] is a 2010 short film by Travis Mathews that celebrates all the best aspects of gay lovemaking without leaving anything to the imagination.

Stars Jesse Metzger and Brenden Gregory have fantastic on-screen chemistry that brings this beautiful and passionate depiction of sensuality to life. Even ten years after its release, we haven’t yet seen another film quite like it.

Check out the very NSFW highlights after the jump!

Scroll down for our fav moments, watch whole scenes here, and watch the movie in its entirety here.

Jesse Metzger gets his excited member sucked off by the eager Brenden Gregory.

The two men play-wrestle before taking things to the next level.

That level? Rimming. Brenden gets his hairy hole eaten by Jesse.

Then Brenden plays with himself as he gets ready for the main course.

The two get down it! See the full action here.

They go until Brenden releases a big load all over his belly. Attention world, and we mean this unironically: This is art!

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14 Comments on "OMG, never forget: ‘I Want Your Love’"

  1. Richard Vestal | April 2, 2021 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    I wouldn’t have mind being in these scenes.

  2. I had a couple three-ways with Brenden back in the day. He was also the first guy my best friend had sex with. This all occurred before we met each other. I wish we had filmed our encounters!

  3. The version on Naked Sword.

  4. Hello-

    I saw the feature film which was unremarkable except for the authentic
    sex scenes. its one of the most overrated gay themed films I’ve ever
    seen. any episode of the t.v. series Looking would be more insightful
    about being a young gay man and looking for love in S.F..

  5. The only way to make this scene hotter would have been to have them swap cans.

  6. This scene was released as a teaser to drum up interest and financing for a feature film of the same name. However, when the feature film was released, it did not include the encounter between Metzger and Gregory. In fact, it did not include Gregory’s character at all.

    The film is basically just a plot-driven porno featuring sex between mostly unattractive men (the plot follows Metzger’s character over his last few days in San Francisco before he moves back home).

    • Incorrect. I actually saw the whole movie and it did contain this sex scene. I’m not sure which movie you thought you saw…

      • Talisman is correct. Brenden is not in the second version. You can easily verify this via IMDB. He does look kind of like Jesse, which may be why you’re confused.

  7. Anyone have a link to download it?

  8. Still remember watching this in the cinema. Good times. Love the feature film too.

  9. One of the best gay short films.

  10. Mmm. Love that scene. Wonder where Jesse is now?

  11. Chuck Edwards | March 30, 2021 at 5:41 pm | Reply

    Agree with everything you’ve said. It’s frankly honest, very open, a features two handsome guys who truly seem to be into one another. Their chemistry is magic!

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