!! OMG, WATCH: “I’m Not Gay” by Michael Henry !!

Has this type of confusion happened to you!? Well it has to Michael Henry! Some points are made though. Check out the comedian above!

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4 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: “I’m Not Gay” by Michael Henry"

  1. I can’t agree more with this – being ‘no labels’ is just the 2020 version of ‘I’m Bisexual’. You’re also totally right about the fact people have suffered terribly to break the stigma around being gay and align our rights to those heterosexual people take for free. I’m not saying there isn’t a spectrum, but by denying you are gay when you CLEARLY ARE only re-stigmatises homosexuality for a new generation.

  2. Sorry I meant the blond guy – he’s the one who’s basically ashamed to admit he’s gay. One of these 20-somethings who benefits from – without personal cost – an identity for which many have suffered !

    • Wait, is this “comedy, or a deep political statement?
      Actually, it’s neither in my opinion. My last comment didn’t seem to pass approval and get posted. Regardless, one reason some guys might not be open and honest is the idea that M.H. represents the gay community. He is a part of it, but not the majority.
      20-somethings have the right to discover their own way, just like anyone else.

  3. Yes I get it, it’s funny but : M.H.’s character is motivated by shame about being gay. It’s that simple. So, that’s not good – is it ?

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