!! Is my assistant hot or not? !!

hollywood's hottest assistant
We remember with fondness all the hilarious times we had with “hotornot.com” back when it blazed onto the Internet gimmick scene back around the year 2000 (it actually still exists, we just confirmed).
It has had some copycats over the years, our favorite of which is also still around. But the latest thing to crawl out of Southern California is Hottest Hollywood Assistants. The submission process is simple enough to where a boss, a friend, or the assistant themself could submit a photo and some simple employment information, resulting in a callous marketplace of subordinate flesh. (via Modern Fabulousity)
The swarthy young man at left is among the Top 5 hottest assistants on the site, along with a baby and what looks like a mail order bride. I never have been able to figure out the taste of the Hollywood set.
NOTE: It appears that the webmasters of Hottest Hollywood Assistants underestimated their bandwidth usage and their account has been suspended. Sorry about the broken links. Hopefully the site will return to us, as it has inestimable cultural value.

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1 Comment on "Is my assistant hot or not?"

  1. Frank,
    That guy is fucking hideous looking.
    BTW one of the hyperlinks to the top 5 doesn’t work.
    Love ya, Gail

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