!! OMG, let someone else say it for you, hon: Wilmer Valderrama brags about his own peen !!

Wilmer Valderrama naked penis bulge
During his appearance on the Howard Stern show recently, Wilmer Valderrama, ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan and star of That Seventies Show, got a bit juicy. He talks about how he is “blessed” with a huge man-thing and how taking Mandy Moore‘s virginity wasn’t as good as that time he did it with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs. (via The Fix)
Do you see what he is talking about in the above photo? Full shot after the jump.

Wilmer Valderrama red carpet

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17 Comments on "OMG, let someone else say it for you, hon: Wilmer Valderrama brags about his own peen"

  1. I watch reruns of “That 70s Show” as often as it’s on. Why? Just to catch a glimpse of Wilmer’s amazing crotch. He was sexy then, and he ‘s a hot man now.

  2. i can’t top that, but i can bottom it

  3. ok gang time to learn a little something new today….. due to the fact that the show That 70’s Show aired in early primetime and was on Fox, the makeup and special FX department would have been required, by FCC rules and regulations, to hide his actual penis. Some shows will completely hide an actor’s penis so that when you look at him, regardless of what he is or is not wearing, there will be no visible bulge, outline of the shaft or point showing where the head is located and sticks out slightly so you can see where the penis ends ends. Other shows will slightly tone down the bulge in order to tease us. When you look, you will see the penis but with no discernible beginning or end, no tell tale giveaway of length and no bump where the cock head it located. You simply get an illusion that it is there but has no definitive size or shape. There is a device known as a cock sock that an actor puts on that is made from one of two things. 1st- an actual wool sock made especially for the man’s penis. It attaches to the shaft by means of an elastic band that is sewn into it and can be opened wide enough so the actor can put his testicles inside to hide as well . The actor can position it to hide everything or he can move it down the shaft as far as the scene calls for. The cock sock allows the actor to appear almost fully frontal nude. At home we see his pubic hair and about an inch or so of the penis. The sock is there but not in the shot. We get to use our imaginations at home while the actor remains modest in front of other actors and the crew. 2nd- is also known as a cock sock but it is made of latex. It is attached by a makeup artist and is flesh colored. They use makeup to adjust the skin tone for an exact match. This method covers the entire penis and testicles allowing the actor to work in the illusion of full frontal nudity for us at home but the crew and fellow actors , if they look down at his cock, will only see the appearance of a Barbie doll crotch. Most times that this method is used, the actor will be in a scene where a hand covers the front, something in the house like the back of a chair or a plant will look as if it is in front of the penis. This method allows the home viewer to see the actors entire nude body but whatever they use to hide the cock will be placed so that it looks like it is blocking the cock right under the pubic hair when the shaft begins, it is usually about 1-1 1/2 inches wide and then covers the length of the penis. The camera can show the actor as having a very small member or show that he is hung like a horse. It is all an illusion that requires the viewer to imagine what is missing. It is very effective because most of us will automatically see it as being the perfect sizer and shape … it will fulfill their fantasies.

  4. I’m calling bullshit.

  5. Please, he’s not that big. I watched “That 70’s Show,” and saw the scenes in question. All I have to ask is, where’s the beef? And it doesn’t really matter how big he is. That queen is gayer than a handbag full of rainbows!

  6. I want to suck of Juan Carlos!!!

  7. Wilmer Valderrama just seems to be a cocky douche bag… his ego would make it impossible to be in the same room as him. But seriously, I would totally suck his huge cock and let him fuck my tight ass. He is SOOO hott

  8. He is so hot, would love to fuck him
    In the scene that everyone is talking about, they would have put some padding there or he had another pear of undies on

  9. My 6 year old grandson shows more basket than this wanna-ba

  10. For those who say you couldn’t see any bulge on That 70s Show – you need to watch the episodes again. There was an episode where the gang was at a cabin during the winter. Fez got drunk and went running around in the snow in his underwear. When they dragged him back in, you could see a very big bulge.

  11. omg iluvyall wilma!

  12. cutie in disbelief | October 13, 2006 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    I agree with the previous comment. He was almost naked a lot in “That 70s Show.” Why didn’t we see anything then? Like all those the times when he was in his underwear. AND he was always wearing those tight pant that leave *nothing* to the imagination. Really, it’s all out there.


  14. so how big is Wilmer’s Cock anyway?
    i got 9.5 x 6 inches round and i am a hot PuertoRican/Italian Stud from New York City!
    can Wilmer TOP that?
    we will see.
    Hot Massage Therapist
    Los Angeles, California USA

  15. yeah its big but why couldnt you see in in the 70’s show when he had a underwear or something. i think its small because or else you could have seen it in the 70’s show when he was only with underwear. you couldnt even see aything

  16. Where’s the beef?

  17. Yeah, but wouldn’t it be weird if he bragged about someone else’s p….. ?

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