!! OMG, a candy round-up: Jake Weary and others in ‘Animal Kingdom’ !!

Jake Weary in Animal Kingdom

Jake Weary in Animal Kingdom

Did you know that over its five seasons, the TNT series Animal Kingdom has delivered the most explicit gay scenes seen on basic cable? It’s true! Jake Weary is a blonde, scruffy surfer dude who is a part of a California crime family. His character also happens to be gay, and he gets up to a lot.

We love that Animal Kingdom is creatively kinky and goes places other shows haven’t. Check out what Jake Weary and his many partners have to offer after the NSFW jump! Rawr.

Jake Weary and a married man (Blake Cooper Griffin) spit roast the man’s husband (Jeremy Glazer). In a cucktastic turn, Weary then commands Griffin to watch instead of participate, and Jake continues to bang Glazer while staring down his hubby.

He tops Andy Favreau in the standing position from behind, before directing Andy to finish him off on his knees. Have we seen this before on basic cable?.

Jake and Damon Erik Williams have intense sex on the floor, filled with plenty of sweat and panting.

And Jake bangs his long-term boyfriend Spencer Treat Clark from behind, before casually chucking his full condom across the room. This is no longer TV. It’s art.

And just because we love you, enjoy this Jake Weary shirtless photo dump:

See more of Jake Weary and the boys here.

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9 Comments on "OMG, a candy round-up: Jake Weary and others in ‘Animal Kingdom’"

  1. great show i just wish craig was the gay character

  2. Hello-

    as frank as the gay sex scenes have been I’m hedging the bet there’s never
    been any frontal nudity.

  3. His mother Kim Zimmer played Reva on Guiding Light

  4. Walking the Dog | July 31, 2021 at 3:09 pm | Reply

    I miss Adrian. Or more pointedly, I miss scenes of Deran fucking Adrian.

  5. Jake is the son of Kim Zimmer(Reva Shayne)of Guiding Light fame. He looks like her. Damn Cute!!

  6. This show is back?!

    But who needs basic cable boundary-pushing when shows like Elite are out here, lol.
    Maybe if I found Jake Weary attractive, the gay sex on this show would be a bigger deal for me . Had Deran been played by a taller, ruggedly hot man with some meat on his bones, I feel like this show would be more popular in general

    So basically Craig, lol. Ben Robson should have been Deran.
    And Spencer Treat Clark is beautiful like an angel! The prettiest man this series has had and they’ve wasted him. The only thing I really want from this show before it ends is a shot of Adrian getting his sweet ass eaten a la HBO’s looking, or Syfy’s Bitten. Just some dark and sweaty beast of man with his face all the way up Spencer’s ass. I want to see him get mauled by a bear. Adrian deserves!

    I won’t get it.

  7. This show is a gift to the gays! Jake has the best sex scenes in the show.

  8. Cute-if-beard-is-present

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