27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: Jean-Hugues Anglade in the BluRay version of ‘Betty Blue’ (1986)"

  1. OMG is right!!! What a time we could have had together. I’d have liked to have taken a long weekend on that….then the summer….and so on, and so on….my throat is twitching big time.

  2. T.G.I.P. Thank God It‘s Pubes!

  3. Donald Russell | May 1, 2019 at 9:29 am | Reply

    Now that’s a nice big uncut cock with a full bush to suck on! MMMMM lol

  4. Love the bush and the piece, Yummmyy!!

  5. Shannon….are you female? Have you ever actually been naked with a naked man? Are you aware that the male penis when flaccid changes sizes countless times all day and all night? Did you know the flaccid penis is NOT one measurement/one size all day long? I seriously think you have never actually spent any time nakd with a naked man. I think some women have NO clue that one man’s penis in a flaccid state ranges in multitudiness sizes. Or do you just think that if a man is to be photographed nude that he must be fully aroused and fully erect? SMH

    • Darmay- Shannon is a troll who is most likely a 55+ grossly overweight gay male who is drunk about 90% of the time and perpetually bitter. He probably lives within driving distance of 4 liquor stores which he changes up thinking they don’t notice he buys cheap vodka by the case every other week. Shannon has pretty much bitched about and derided every single male OMG blog has shown….not that I’m counting……

    • Darmay- why are you trying to talk reason to a troll? Shannon’s “stick” – if you can call it that – is a piss poor attempt at insult humor. He/She is like your annoying, loud, drunk uncle you feel obligated to invite to Thanksgiving. We just wish Shannon would go away.

    • Darmay, it’s nice that you’re trying to dialogue with a crazy person. But the problem is that no one can talk reason with a person 100 % troll made.

      A very long time ago, I used to feel offended by Shannon’s comment. It was so horrible, from a human standpoint. So ugly. But with time I understood that talking to him/her (let’s go for “IT”) was a total waste of time. IT is not here to talk with people. IT is here just to crap on each white guy IT can see on this blog (You’ll notice that IT never shades a black guy, for some reasons)

      Talking with IT, or trying to talk with IT is totally useless. Insulting him too. IT is feeding from our comments. I’ve been ignoring IT for moths (years maybe)

  6. I do remember a french movie, with a wonderful nude scene. There was this policeman/detective sleeping naked in a sort of bungalow on a beach. His helper, a young guy, comes in the bungalow and sees that the detective has a huge hard dick, and then he tries to touch it. It is not a porn movie, and I cannot remember it. Can anyone help?

    PLEASE SEEK HELP ……………………..

  8. pleasantly surprised. Nice cock and bush actually…hmm.

  9. Richard Vestal | April 30, 2019 at 11:37 pm | Reply

    Damn, this guy has the whole bloody package and I’m giving him a 10. OMG, thanks for bringing him to our attention.

  10. Just want to feed it some ants…

  11. elsayed ismail | April 30, 2019 at 7:41 pm | Reply

    i love these pictures of big dick and nice butt

  12. Nice bod – mmmmmmm good

  13. AIDAN STAFFORD | April 30, 2019 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    I remain eternally IN LOVE with this film, “Betty Blue” [“32-degres du Matin”(32-degrees in the morning)—known by its original French title.]. And, I have always applauded the stars, Jean-Hugues Anglade and Beatrice Dalle for their incredibly casual and un-ashamed (and, very copious) nude scenes, and erotic moments. The film’s very first scene, is of “Zorg-and-Betty’s” love-making. And, it sets the tone for the many intimate scenes that are to follow. If you have not yet seen this movie, I suspect that you will love it.

  14. That’s a nice piece! I would go back in time to have it now

  15. Hello-

    the closest an American actor has come to equaling this scene is Jason Segel
    in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


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