!! Jody Watley plays with our hearts !!

Ever wonder what Jody Watley is looking like these days? Naked? From the bust up? Well you can see it in this video for her cover of Madonna‘s “Borderline,” or if you are too afraid to look, I can tell you: she is tight as a drum. The cover song is from her forthcoming album “The Makeover,” due out this August. All those sexy samba beats have us swaying in anticipation, kind of like we did the last time we heard them: on our deceased grandma’s old electric organ. (via Kenneth)
Watch the video after the jump.

And just for fun and the sake of nostalgia and critical comparison: Madonna’s original video.

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  1. And Ms. Watley did a superb job. She didn’t so much ape the original as she re-interpretted the whole song. Remember — Jody Watley was the first artist to feature vogue-dancing in her videos (“Still a Thrill” and “Friends”) — but Maddy got the credit for that a year later in “Vogue” — so turnabout is fairplay. Nice blog.

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