!! Kelly Osbourne fills Liz Hurley’s C-cups !!

As we all have known for a while, Elizabeth Hurley won’t be returning next season to host Project Catwalk (the UK’s version of Project Runway) because someone decided her personality was too “wooden.” I suspect it was a plot by Heidi Klum, who is rivaled only by Big Brother‘s Julie Chen in roboticness, to remove the more dynamic Hurley from the spot. I’m tempted to call it jealousy.
Liz will be replaced by someone shorter and chubbier, and arguably more famous than her. (via Dlisted) The new host even appeared in one episode of Project Catwalk last season. Yes, it is Kelly Osbourne. What she has to do with fashion, I have no idea, but we can count on her to have a very dirty mouth, which usually helps the ratings, and the above photo shows that she has at least been to a fashion show before (and has touched Diddy).
But I think we will all miss Liz and her humongous breasts, so let’s have a moment of silence in remembrance:

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    (Image Source) Though I’m still a bit sore at Heidi Klum for canning poor Liz Hurley from Project Catwalk, I am still so excited that there will be something other than Canada’s Next Top Model to watch this summer! Season 3 of Project Runway is premie…

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