!! Johnny Depp is the best dad ever !!

Not only does Johnny Depp take time out of his busy acting schedule to play with his kids, but playing Barbie with his daughter is actually one of his favorite pastimes. He sometimes even gets a little too into it:

I do like playing with Barbies. It’s a great thing to do with your kids. Once, I was exploring different characters with the Barbies and my daughter didn’t like it. At one point she said, “Dad, please just stop, don’t do that, just do your regular voice.”

Children are so easily embarassed. Doesn’t she know that other children would kill to have Johnny Depp do voices for them? Doesn’t she know how many people just wish Johnny depp would talk to them at all?

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  1. yo that’s like ancient

  2. Full story and MP3 links at:
    The Gayken is back!!
    Clay Aiken is hearkening back to his ‘American Idol’ roots, rehashing a bunch of tired old, kareoke “love” songs on his new CD titled: ‘A Thousand Different Ways’ (oh the jokes write themselves here) due out September 19.
    Fans quickly scoped out three songs being tested on Promosquad to determine which will be the first single.
    The first is a take on, of all things, Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’, sung as a duet with female reality star Suzie McNeil from TV’s Rockstar:Supernova (due out with her own CD winter of ’06) – Because one reality star is never enough!
    The second is a forgettable original tune entitled ‘A Thousand Days’.
    Then there is the old, schmaltzy ‘Without You’ originally by Air Supply that Mariah and so many others breathed new life into.
    I’m told that he also does a cover of ‘When I see you Smile’ by 80s rock band Bad English. I don’t have a clip of that yet though.
    Fans are noticing all the songs are “gender neutral” and some are wondering if this CD will receive little if any airplay at all based on these songs.
    What’s perhaps more interesting is with a little over a month out from the CD release is that NO RCA promotion has been done (not even an official press release yet).
    Although Clay did take time out to blog yesterday to paying members of his official fanclub and tell them that they each need to buy 8 copies of his CD. Seriously.
    The CD was originally destined to be way more Christian influenced original tunes (‘A Thousand Days’ is a holdover from the original round of recordings), but after Clay’s gay scandal all that material was scrapped and the CD suddenly became full of covers of old love songs.
    My only comment is sometimes, when something is so horrible, the only thing you can say is “Why God?” “Why”?

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