!! Julie and Jackie’s ‘Welcome to Our House’ !!

I was recently introduced to the work of the fabulous Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke (Thanks Daniel M.!). YouTube celebrity alert: These ladies are funny.
The above video is a parody of former Y&R star Brenda Dickson’s 1987 television special Welcome to My Home, where she shares tips on beauty, fashion, cooking, etc.
Julie and Jackie’s Welcome to Our House is perhaps even funnier than the original, and has a wealth of money quotes:

“We can’t help you if you’re ugly, but we can give you some tips… about make-up, style, pizzazz, and getting that look.”

“Fashion can be acquired by having fashion.”

“I look really sexy in this dress. I like to wear pantyhose with an open-toed shoe to create the illusion that my feet are flippers.”

“A leisure suit is great for comfort. I added sneakers to make me look like a lesbian.”

“This is a jacket I turned into a dress by not wearing pants.”

Make sure to watch the original Brenda Dickson special after the jump!

Brenda Dickson’s Welcome to My Home part 1:

And part 2:

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