!! OMG, new music: Kat Duma ‘Lucid’ !!

“Lucid” is the third single by Toronto-based experimental pop producer Kat Duma, who we love.

Following the release of “System,” and “Daydream,” the track expands on Duma’s ethereal, textured dreamscapes, bringing to mind hazy genres like trip-hop, informed by the traditional sounds of her Serbian roots, resulting in a sound that lands in no genre in particular, but is becoming recognizable as this multi-talented artist’s trademark.

Kat Duma by Kirk LisajListen to “Lucid” wherever you stream and watch the beautiful visual, directed, shot, and edited by Duma herself after the jump!

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1 Comment on "OMG, new music: Kat Duma ‘Lucid’"

  1. Experimental, for sure!
    Some experiments work, some don’t. “Nuff” said.

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