!! OMG, they’re naked: Naked Attraction Italia ‘Episode 4’ contestants Christian & Riccardo !!

Naked Attraction Italia Episode 4 contestants Christian and Riccardo go head-to-head to compete for a date with a female contestant.

There’s even BREAKDANCING and OCTOPUS TENTACLES involved! In the end, the girl chose Christian, to which Riccardo said “The girl followed the law of the jungle. She chose the male with the largest member”. Check out both the members after the NSFW jump!


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16 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Naked Attraction Italia ‘Episode 4’ contestants Christian & Riccardo"

  1. welll… a dick of 18cm on a 165cm tall skinny looks huge compared to a 18cm on a 195cm tall guy. I’m pretty sure he is a shower. It’s only a matter of proportions. Here there is nothing proportionate… a above average cock on a not so tall guy.

  2. I think we need to see a video of that twirl… Photo stills don’t do it justice.

  3. The guy with the beard who threw his legs up in the air and showed his hole has an excellent career ahead as a bottom in a gay porn film, should this venture fail.

  4. Not sure whose pubic area is more annoying – the shaved one or the octopus tattoo one. And why only four tentacles???

  5. those dicks are ugly as hell! gross

  6. Many Indians, Arabs, Italians, Latinos and the Japanese men have these lighter bodies and darker peens and it’s just so sexy (btw, I’m one of those lighter skin, dark peen guys).

  7. What’s his OF? Lol

  8. Wow, the shaved guy is hot, nice body and showed his anus to everybody, cool

  9. Damn! The dark haired dude is both sexy and well hung. Yes please.

  10. Richard Vestal | October 22, 2021 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    Truly a first, break dancing while nude. I would love to see that up close and personal.

  11. The guy with the dark hair and facial hair is very attractive! But the shaving bumps are a distraction. He’s covered in shaving bumps. I bet he is extremely hairy all over and would luck so much sexier if he didn’t shave his body.

  12. Would be divine unshaved

  13. *Me trying to zoom in so I can see hole* Where can I as an American watch this show without the website destroying my computer?

  14. For me, the other guy, hands down.
    He looks original, unique, and interesting.
    And not primped, shaved, plucked, tweezed, manufactured.

  15. You call THAT “full frontal”?????? Puh-lease. That doesn’t count as ‘full frontal’.

    (Just kidding!)

  16. The guy who shows his hole is cute, but look at the shaving bumps on him. He’d look much better with some pubes.

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