!! Kim Stolz modelling photos !!

Top Model Kim Stolz
So it looks like lesbian Top Model wannabe Kim Stolz is making a go of a modelling career. These shots from her Elite portfolio have surfaced and she looks mostly the same as she did on the show except her body is smaller and her hair is bigger. She might make it yet!
See all the photos after the jump.

Top Model Kim Stolz
Top Model Kim Stolz
Top Model Kim Stolz
Top Model Kim Stolz
Top Model Kim Stolz
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44 Comments on "Kim Stolz modelling photos"

  1. i was totally pissed that kim didnt make it.
    i saw the shows out of order like a month ago (i started watching on dec.31, 2007) and the first season i saw was that season, and now im hooked on antm
    ive still only seen like half of the episodes, but i really want to see the rest of it
    i was inspired by kim and teh two plus size models in a later season, since im a plus size, but since i dont want to be a model, nothing came from it. i just feel better about myself. and if i werent straight i would totally have the biggest crush on kim. as it is my crush is a gay guy anyways, but thats my issue.
    oh well, thanks for tolerating my rant-i do that when im bored

  2. Kim I jsut wanted to let you know that you really are a true inspiration to many young women to always make sure that you stay who you are and never selling yourself to be something you are not. I watched the show and know that you said you had difficulty knowing how to be feminan ehn you ar a tomboy. I think you did an amazing job and I could always see YOU shiming through on all of your photo’s. I also wanted to say that you do a great job on MTV and you look beautiful. You were one my husband and I’s favorite contestants. I hope your life brings you much success in the future

  3. I think that Kim is totaly hot and sexy and i would like to be on sarahs place in the limo

  4. she is the beeeeest!she has soo much style and she is soo fukn HOT!
    i’m in love with her XDXDXD

  5. Kim and I are gonna get married some day

  6. kim is like the total package beautiful funny smart did i menttion she was gorgeous i’m bi and i am like totaly jelous of whoever gets to go out w/ kim 🙁 i wish it was me she kissed on ANTP instead of shara 😉 much mcuh luv, bri

  7. omg kim was AMAZING and i LOVED her on the show i wished she would have won because she is GORGEOUS
    major crush on this girl!!!

  8. Im actually inlove. (Y)

  9. My GOD Kim u r beautiful!!!!! I cant believe u got sent home:( I always thought u were the most smart and interesting of all the models an antm
    If i were a lesbian u would be MINE:)one day i will find u and we will be together at last!!!
    u r my lover.

  10. omg!! KIM i love you so much ur so beautiful,smart, and funny .. i would love to meet u one day its like my dream i think ur such a great model and i support u with anything u do~! x0x0x ur #1 fan julia(L)

  11. dude i think it was soo terrible that kim lost! i mean she was the best. bre totally deserved to go home. i mean honestly kim was like the ONLY reason i kept watching ANTM. she was soo gorgeous and she wasn’t like all those other fake girls. she should have been kicked off man! i hope her modeling career works out for her! ♥

  12. Tymbre Ballew | March 23, 2007 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    shes beautiful!

  13. Wow Kim looks stunning!I watched her in every episode of ANTM and rooted for her all the way through! I can’t believe she got sent home cos she was so the best! Kim Rules!
    Good Luck in the further modleing you do,
    Nicole x

  14. i think i’m in love… *sigh*

  15. Im not a lesbian, but those pics of her is so smoking hot…wow, im amazed on how much antm can change a person…she doesnt even look like she really wants to be a model on antm, but she sure change a lot to be this hot..and looking more that the bitch than the butch!

    major crushhhh..

  17. im in love with u kim…i love u!!!!…..

  18. kim…
    whoa! i always liked you! your so fun and so funny in all the episodes of america’s next top model cycle 5

  19. hola kim!!!! linda!! sos la mejor modelo del mundo!! venite para argentina, buenos aires(sud america) besotes . . .. .

  20. eeyy kim!!! sos la mejor!!estas preciososima!!! venite para argentina, buenos aires!!(sud america)besotes.. .. .

  21. oh god
    i think i’m in love with KIM!

  22. i love kim no matter what! i think she TOTALLY ROCKS!
    the hair, the eyes, the voice…im reeeally impressed *havn second thought abt my sexuality* :~|

  23. I would love to know Kim Stolz i really would She is so beautiful. yet inspiring. She was what made me watch Americans Next Top Model

  24. kim….

  25. omg! oh how i love kim stolz…she’s so hot…i on’t care if she’s a lesbian, i think she deserves to win in the America’s Next Top Model…she’s a real model…luv yah!

  26. kim i really like you since the first time i saw you… goodluck

  27. kim is the best ever

  28. kim is so hot i love you girl

  29. KIM YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  30. oh my god!! kim!!
    if i could go to new york i would.. damn..
    i’ve loved you since the day i saw you in ANTM5..

  31. jenny aguinaldo | September 23, 2006 at 3:29 am | Reply

    kims not creepy, i think she should be the winner of antm, shes so unique. here in the phils. shes so popular

  32. i love ur smile n ur grin and your eyes…

  33. goddessofchaos | August 30, 2006 at 5:52 am | Reply

    Hey .. you’re still a great model but .. why so skinny now? Miss the old kim .. 🙁

  34. Kim totaly RoX!!! No doubt about it shes a great model,has outstanding personality,a unique since of fashion,and the body of a godess.What more could you ask for ???

  35. I have loved you since the second I saw you on ANTM.I loved your hairstyle, I loved your clotheing style, and I loved your reputation.Your cool, your diffrent and you like BigMacs.

  36. Heey Kim! …
    You are so HOT!! You are my topmodel 4 life!!
    I heve a site:
    for U!
    Good luck! with you model life!
    Bye bye, xxx-> Felicia

  37. hey Nicole, back off b*%ch, thats my cousin..

  38. john j stolz | June 14, 2006 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    Hey! That’s my sister.

  39. Kim is so hot..
    You know, I’m sneaky trying to find a girl who looks just like her…*sighs* I guess I can keep looking till I’m 50years old…
    But hey, then at least I’ve tried:P
    Kisses from Holland

  40. jennifer bourke | May 16, 2006 at 6:04 pm | Reply

    i loved kim on the show she was very different than all the other girls, i think she lost to much weight tho, she has also signed with elite models so good for her i realy hope she dose well…..good luck kim

  41. helllOOOOOO anorexia nervosa…

  42. i always rooted for kim on the show. thought she was awesome. i also rooted for her because she wasn’t a stick. but looking at these pictures, i see she succumbed to the pressure and lost too much weight. she looks like a waif.

  43. i saw her walking down 9th avenue the other day. the only reason i noticed her is because she was having serious problems walking down the street in her boots with 2 inch heels. She also almost got hit by a car as she attempted to cross the street (her thoughts must have been preoccupied by the pain of her feet). Creepy looking on television… even creepier looking in person.

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    Someone isn’t a big fan of Andy Roddick’s new blog.

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