!! Kissing Karl !!

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Yesterday at the 2006 CFDA Fashion Awards, Lindsay Lohan got as close to Karl Lagerfeld as anyone ever has, giving him an air kiss that saved his foundation. Or maybe it wasn’t a kiss at all, but a desperate whisper, “Oh please, Karl, can’t I be the face of Chanel? I really am a real actress! I was in a movie with Meryl Streep for Christ’s sake!”
Either way, the man is not impressed.

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  1. Lindsay Lohan is still desperate to model

    In July’s Harper Bazaar we see Lindsay Lohan striking one pose over and over again, first for the cover and then for a fashion shoot inside. I know she’s trying, really trying, to be a classy, old-fashioned movie star. And she’s trying to be multi-face…

  2. Lindsay Lohan Offends Anna Wintour

    Sorry to post twice about Lindsay Lohan at the CFDA dinner, but I find this story perhaps even funnier than that photo of her kissing Karl Lagerfeld. From Page Six: DON’T expect to see Lindsay Lohan on the cover of Vogue any time soon. Lohan annoyed V…

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