!! Kylie channels Sophia !!

Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue (pictured above at right) has gone edgier in the promo photos for her new album “X,” donning latex clothes and sporting a pained expression.
I’m not sure if it’s her face, pose, or outfit, but in the above photo, Kylie looks eerily similar to New York downtown fixture and fashion icon Sophia Lamar (pictured above at left), and that is always a good thing!
I’m looking forward to the new album, but also nervous, especially after the lackluster first single, as I really want “X” to be as stellar as “Body Language” and “Fever.” In bowling, if Kylie pulled that off we would call it a turkey.
See some more promo photos after the jump.

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3 Comments on "Kylie channels Sophia"

  1. Thankgod…

  2. Didn’t Madonna do that already (YAWN)
    and i’m a melbourne guy ( the Home of Kylie ) but come on how about some originality ??????

  3. She’s no Madonna.

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