!! OMG, please vote: Gay Bloggies Round 1 !!

I’m thrilled to announce that !! omg blog !! has been nominated for a Gay Bloggie this year, which is the first blog contest I have ever heard of with a cash prize (and it’s sweet at $2000)!
Obviously I would really like to win the money, and you all are my only hope.
There will be twelve rounds, during which I make a post on the Gay Bloggie competition blog and then readers like you can go give me the “thumbs up,” which keeps me in the game. Each round the blog with the fewest votes gets eliminated Survivor-style. Please help to make sure it’s not me!
Please go vote for my Round 1 entry here. Just scroll to the bottom and click the “thumbs up” (you can read it, too, if you like). Thank you thank you!! xo Frank

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  1. just wanted to say hello. and good luck!

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