!! Kylie Minogue writes childrens book !!

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Log one more reason why I like Kylie Minogue better than Madonna: Unlike the story by the Queen of Qabbalah Wisdom, the only moral lesson of Kylie’s new children’s book, Kylie: The Showgirl Princess, is that her life is utterly fabulous! The story tells tales from her prematurely cancelled Showgirl tour, though I imagine the almost-naked, Galliano-clad musclemen were replaced with something more palatable to five-year-olds, like unicorns. Here is an excerpt:

One bright morning, Kylie woke up with bubbles of excitement fizzing inside her just like lemonade. Today, at last, she would stand on a glittering stage and sing to thousands of people. Slurp! Something licked her cheek. ‘Sheeba!’ Kylie cried, hugging her dog tightly. ‘I’ll tell you a secret,’ she whispered. ‘Today, I’m going to be a Showgirl Princess!’

(Thanks to Bennett for the tip!)
BONUS: For some live concert footage of the aforementioned musclemen in an onstage shower, check below the jump. It’s safe for work, unless your network has an over-the-top homosexuality filter.

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