!! OMG, German candy: The cast of ‘Label Me’ !!

Label Me is a German gay drama that focuses on politics, dominance and intimacy and also happens to contain loads of nudity.

It’s about two men who are from very different worlds, and how their power struggle and numerous differences start to come into focus when they develop feelings for each other.

Check out the most NSFW moments from Label Me after the jump (and watch the film online here)!

Renato Schuch plays Waseem, A Syrian immigrant and Nikolaus Brenda plays Lars, a wealthy German.

Renato shows his goods while Nikolaus gets hard on the couch waiting for Renato to change out of his pants and get to work.

The shower scene is highlight.

Renato later puts on a sexy jockstrap that shows his bulge and buns in this scene.

The hot sex scenes are natural well-lit. Also, where can we find an apartment like this?       

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4 Comments on "OMG, German candy: The cast of ‘Label Me’"

  1. Love the Ikea furniture!

  2. Nice ballsac!

  3. I wonder if they will put this on dvd?

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