!! OMG, have heard? Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer asks for donations for healing journey following his shooting !!

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10 Comments on "OMG, have heard? Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer asks for donations for healing journey following his shooting"

  1. I seriously doubt the Gaga would blow this guy off. Talk about bad PR.

    I think he’s just trying to cash-in and that’s really sad.

    Also he needs to put out a statement letting folks know that Gaga helped him. I noticed he didn’t say she didn’t.

  2. Never have liked gaga but this is why stupid queens should read actual news – allegedly, she allegedly paid for his health care – and not get all their facts from almost porn or gossip sites.

    I agree with most here, he’s not someone who should be asking for strangers to pay into a GFM for ‘healing.’ Gaga can easily cough up $5-10K and that should be more than enough ‘healing’ for him, when 20 and 30 something gay and lesbians on minimum wage without even medical (this guy should have qualified for disability in California, including the cash benefits and temporary medi-cal coverage) care have to make due with overpriced apartments, auto (insurance and gas), etc., in California, and keeping up with other instagay pressures to be shown as having more than they really have.

  3. DONATE????????

    • Why don’t you venture out into the wilderness and try and find him and help him…minus a compass, cell phone, tablet, computer or map……I understand he’s way, way deep in the wilderness.

  4. FUck that! Gaga is my queen but she can pay for that. Stop asking for us poors to fund your “healing”

    We’re too busy funding our poor families who don’t have multi millionaire besties.

  5. Gaga seems like a lovely person – to her dogs.

    She seemed really concerned about her dogs getting injured while this guy had a gun shot to the chest.

  6. Enough with this guy already. I get the manic cult of celebrity might care about the long list of posts about this on this site (and others), but if this guy’s only news value is that he’s connected to a LG then that’s pretty sad. I gotta think there’s more relevant news to post.

  7. If that’s his picture, someone should tell him to do an onlyfans/justforfans to get the money

  8. Gaga was generous enough to offer a reward of $500k for the return OF HER DOGS. (In reality that’s a $500k bounty on the life on her next dog walker.)

    I’m glad to see Gaga cares so much about humans.

  9. So… Gaga was willing to pay $500,000 for the return of her dogs, but nothing for her employee who was shot while working for her. What a cunt.

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