!! OMG, Melissa Joan Hart reveals she has breakthrough COVID-19 !!



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The former Sabrina The Teenage Witch star in the video that despite being vaccinated, she has COVID-19 and it’s bad. She says it’s weighing on her chest and she’s having trouble breathing. She also says that she’s really mad that her kids didn’t have to wear masks at school because she thinks that’s how she caught COVID-19. Stay masked and get vaxxed people!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Melissa Joan Hart reveals she has breakthrough COVID-19"

  1. This is going to continue to get so much worse.

    I hope she recovers, but if she thinks she got it from her kids, I hope her kids aren’t suffering like she is since young children are getting sick from the Delta variant and sadly, many are dying from it.

    And don’t blame the school for not enforcing masks. Protect your kids!!! Tell them to wear masks and social distance as much as possible at school. Better yet, keep them at home and either home school them or online learning classes.

    • Good points. She’s in charge of her kids (or should be). She’s not working right now or for the last ten years so take charge.

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