!! OMG, LGBTQIA+ Pixar employees denounce Disney’s support for “Don’t Say Gay” politicians !!

We at Pixar have personally witnessed beautiful stories, full of diverse characters, come back from Disney corporate reviews shaved down to crumbs of what they once were. Nearly every moment of overtly gay affection is cut at Disney’s behest, regardless of when there is protest from both the creative teams and executive leadership at Pixar. Even if creating LGBTQIA+ content was the answer to fixing the discriminatory legislation in the world, we are being barred from creating it. Beyond the “inspiring content” that we aren’t even allowed to create, we require action.

– LGBTQIA+ Pixar employees in response to Disney funding politicians who supported the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida.

Their response to the initial backlash was not to stop donating money to these politicians but to claim that:

“the best way for our company to bring about lasting change is through the inspiring content we produce, the welcoming culture we create, and the diverse community organizations we support.”

Wow. And yet they have a Gay Day at their theme parks and create merch to grab those pink dollars. Somethin in the milk ain’t clean!

[via HollywoodReporter]

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  1. They do not have a gay day. There is an unofficial gay weekend at Disney world, but it’s not endorsed or promoted by Disney.

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