!! OMG, Lily Collins reacts to her defaced ‘Emily in Paris’ billboard !!

Emily in Paris is HIIIIGH-Cringe-camp, and, well… not everyone is a fan. Star Lily Collins knows this and seems to have a sense of humor about it, when she posed with a defaced, Joker-esque billboard of herself while out for a walk. Check out her reaction after the jump! (I wonder if it was a Parisian?)

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2 Comments on "OMG, Lily Collins reacts to her defaced ‘Emily in Paris’ billboard"

  1. That’s not in Paris!

  2. Lily (Emily) is very likable, but, hard to enjoy at certain times. With all the stylists on set, why do they have her looking like a wet sheep dog with that flat middle hair part, not to mention those thick, bushy eye brows. Come on people, she needs a new look!

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