!! Lindsay Lohan is still desperate to model !!

In July’s Harper Bazaar we see Lindsay Lohan striking one pose over and over again, first for the cover and then for a fashion shoot inside. I know she’s trying, really trying, to be a classy, old-fashioned movie star. And she’s trying to be multi-faceted. And interesting. And she wants so badly to be taken seriously, especially by Karl Lagerfeld.
I don’t know, she still seems like the girl from Freaky Friday, except just a bigger slut. It’s too bad her only look is “come hither” because it’s just not that alluring.
See a couple more shots after the jump.

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2 Comments on "Lindsay Lohan is still desperate to model"

  1. Lindsay Eaten By A Giant Black Bush

    Fashion Fix 28Lindsay Eaten By A Giant Black Bush Image via- https://omg.blog/2006/06/lindsay_lohan_is_still_despera.php *In the July issue of Harper Bazaar Lindsay strikes a pose nestled in what looks to be a giant muff. (OMG)http://www.omgblog…

  2. I like how they make her pose so you don’t have to look directly at her face. Pretty sure I could look gorgeous if only a couple of my eye lashes were peeking out seductively. She’s cute and skinny, but there are lots cuter. And someone give her a frickin haircut.

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