!! OMG, love prevails: Here are the photos from Britney & Sam’s wedding! !!

Madonna, Selena, Drew and more! The only family of Britney‘s invited was her brother. Check out more photos from the princess of pop’s nuptials after the jump! Brit wore a white Versace gown and paired it with a white satin-edged veil that was almost 15-foot-long, pearl-beaded fingerless mesh gloves and 62 carats’ worth of diamonds from Stephanie Gottlieb, who also provided the wedding bands!


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10 Comments on "OMG, love prevails: Here are the photos from Britney & Sam’s wedding!"

  1. Legion Keign | June 11, 2022 at 10:21 am | Reply

    I hope they have a happy life together. I know from personal experience that being Bi-Polar can be rough, but with age it can mellow and become very manageable.

    I also hope Sam treats who kindly, he seems as though he truly loves her and I wish them much joy and love.

  2. Could not care less about this, but here’s hoping she’s got a good prenup!

    • So you say but yet you took the time to click on it, scroll through the whole article while perusing all of the pics just to leave a comment claiming you supposedly don’t care?!? LMMFGAO!!

      Me thinks thou doth protest too much!!

      Honey, if you TRULY didn’t care you would have just kept on scrolling through to another article. Yet, here you are…

  3. Her music sucks. She needs mental help and he looks like he should be doing ChaosMen videos.

  4. Good for her! Love Brit Brit!

  5. Lucky girl! I imagine it’s quite orgasmic to get railed by that sexy dude every night!!! Mmm

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