!! OMG, LovelyJohn and his straight bros model men’s thongs on a beach !!

We had amazing day on beach and we shoot this beautiful video in nature ! We think we will return for more! Write in comments who did model men’s thongs the best? I think men can be pretty manly even in thongs, what you think ?

Well, OMG? Which one of these menz did it for you? The trade of it ALL! Watch the sexy video after the jump.

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10 Comments on "OMG, LovelyJohn and his straight bros model men’s thongs on a beach"

  1. I am so over “straight” guys pushing homoeroticism for their personal gain or to boost their self-esteem. They are at least a 1-2 on the Kinsey scale.

  2. Remington Smith | August 21, 2021 at 1:47 am | Reply

    Absolutely as long as it done it a professional manner and just my own personal opinion & preference I find the thin male model bodytypes in this paticular video so more appealing & realistic & most importantly lucrative guaranteed!✈


  4. They’re all pretty average. Maybe on a slow at the sex club.

  5. I have faithfully visited OMGblog every single day for the last decade, at least. If you post another of these LovelyJohn posts, I will not be returning. This guy is everything that is wrong with the influencer identity. He doesn’t claim to be gay, he seems to be completely vapid. What has he done to deserve so much attention on this site?? It’s actually super annoying!

  6. Martin has that beautiful uncut cock that I know he does

  7. Fine, whatever… I just wish he/they would stop pushing the “straight” thing.
    There’s plenty of porn-ish material of him and friends to be found online, with
    enough activity going on between them all to strongly suggest male/male attraction.

  8. BoringJohn

  9. I hate QueerBait! They are vipers preying on gay men for clicks and money.

    Please post affirming videos of self-actualized LGBTQ people and gay/bi men.

    I don’t wanna see straight cis fucking men showing off and visually-whoring.

    Queer pride has come a long and we don’t need to holler and whore for str8 approval or attention.

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